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Drive Targeted, Quality Traffic To Your Site
Based Around A Budget That You Can Afford

Drive ‘targeted traffic’ to your website Increase product and brand awareness
You choose the budget Immediate rankings & results

Receive targeted, quality traffic to your site almost immediately…

You’re most likely aware that Pay Per Click is the quickest way to receive relevant traffic to your site but at the same time you might be feeling a little daunted about the thought of setting up and running it all yourself?

Maybe you’re a little worried about doing it all wrong and losing heaps of money?

Maybe you’ve had a go yourself and have got no results at all or maybe PPC is something that you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to it?

Well, help is at hand because we can do it all for you!

Our highly trained and dedicated Pay Per Click (PPC) specialists can do all of the keyword research for you. They’ll design your campaign, they’ll set it all up, they’ll schedule it, they’ll action it, they’ll test it and then they can manage it all for you tweaking, testing and changing things to make it a success!

We excel at driving not just any traffic, but targeted traffic to your website, driving potential customers to view your products and services.

Moreover, our outstanding ability at selecting the right keywords, means that as soon as a customer lands on your web page, they will find exactly what they need.

Using our knowledge and expertise in Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing to successfully manage your campaign, our Pay Per Click Management Services are second to none.


Successful Pay Per Click campaigns are all about getting a Return On Your Investment and is a combination of selecting the right keywords at the right price, coupled with high converting ads and optimised landing pages.

Pay Per Click is the most effective way to ensure that your business retains a prominent position in leading search engines, and what’s more, you don’t have to pay excessive advertising fees. You only pay when a web user clicks on your advert.

Benefits of Pay Per Click

With our strategic keyword research, we will ensure that customers searching for a product or service in your market will find your company.

This will not only increase traffic to your website but will increase awareness of your products and your organisation. Keyword research is essential for a successful Pay Per Click Campaign.

We take care of this for you, selecting the most appropriate keywords for your organisation.

What’s more, even if you have a low budget we can take care of a successful pay per click campaign for you.

Our team are aware of how important it is to have a prominent position on leading search engines and running a PPC campaign on your behalf will provide you with valuable time to spend on other areas of your business.

At the Internet Marketing Academy we can:

Fully manage your PPC campaign across all of the leading search engines; Google, Yahoo, Bing and more
We put in place an effective plan which will react to changes in competitor strategies or changes in their PPC campaigns
Excellent budget monitoring which manages your PPC budget on a day to day basis
Create instant publicity for your business using PPC
We expertly devise bid management strategies which mean that you pay the best amount for each click
We can take over an existing campaign, rework and vastly improve your PPC performance.
Only bid on keywords which are relevant to drive sales to your website.

After your campaign is set up, you will receive on-going support, advice and assistance and you can view your bid management and PPC analysis at any time of the day or night.

Our regular PPC reports also give you peace of mind that your campaign is working and what we are doing to ensure your business continues to flourish.

Features of using our PPC management services:

  • Comprehensive keyword analysis
  • Expert, friendly and approachable team
  • Conversion reports
  • Regular updates on your PPC campaign
  • Reviews on your campaign undertaken regularly

If you feel that you’re being swamped by online competitors, using the Internet Marketing Academy to run your Pay Per Click campaign can help you stand out from the crowd.

Our specialist team are always here to offer advice, support and guidance to help your business go from strength to strength.

As a customer of the IMA, we will build you a unique PPC campaign designed just for you to suit both your budget and your business requirements

Why Choose the Internet Marketing
Academy For Your PPC Campaigns?

Your specified monthly budget will be fully optimised to meet your business requirements
Your organization will be positively represented through PPC adverts
You choose the cost for each business lead or transaction
Your account and your PPC campaign will be successfully managed by our team of friendly professionals
Your PPC campaign will return a positive return on investment
We can manage your campaign giving you more time to spend on other areas of your business
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