August 12, 2014

ID-10069298 (2)The nature of marketing is changing. In the age of information which we are living in at the moment, no longer is it about just being seen. Potential customers now have a world’s worth of information, reviews and prices, meaning that they are now looking for something different.

The explosion in the use of social media has meant that business relationships are becoming increasingly personal and so internet marketing in particular is changing. People not only look at price and quality these days, they want to do business with someone who is trustworthy, capable and knowledgeable.

Education-based Marketing
One way that companies are making themselves stand out from their competitors is by using education-based marketing. This means offering free information to people about your specialised subject. By becoming the fountain of good, useful knowledge, a business is cementing their place in the minds of potential customers. As a result, when these people need a service, the first people that they think of will be that business. Safe in the knowledge that the business knows what they are talking about and are confident enough to give advice, potential customers know that they can trust the business and this is a massive selling point.

Using YouTube
YouTube is the perfect medium to create this sort of education-based marketing. A series of short, informative and interesting videos can be put online. They should be easily searchable, and can take various forms. Some people like to give demonstrations, interviews, make humorous films, or talk – whatever the marketer’s strength may be and whatever the nature of the business. The most important thing is that it’s informative and that people come away with something useful.

Different people use YouTube in their own unique ways. The main benefit of YouTube is that it’s a free and easy way of getting videos into the world. Anyone can set up a free account, and then upload their videos. One tactic used by successful YouTube marketers is by recording a series of videos and then releasing them periodically – at weekly, two weekly or monthly intervals. Not only does this keep up a renewal of new information, it also maintains a constant online presence which is important in the building of any relationship.

What to Say
The content needs to be informative, knowledgeable or funny, but most of all, correct. If the information given isn’t right, no-one is going to trust the brand or business and this is the whole point. One idea is to think, “What are the most common questions that I am asked?” Although it may seem strange to give this information out freely, it is worth it in the long wrong. Picture the scene; you are a lawyer and someone is after information about divorce proceedings. By putting out free information about the law surrounding divorces, you are showing that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy. When that person needs a lawyer to help them through the process, who will they go to?

Getting it Out There
Once a video has been recorded and put onto YouTube, make sure that the description is good and easily searchable. The video (or set of videos) can be advertised through other social media, websites and one useful trick is to tell people about it, almost as if offering it as a free gift – and who wouldn’t want that?

As people are becoming increasingly turned off by traditional forms of advertising, they are looking for different ways to find business. Education based marketing is the perfect way to engage in the right way with potential customers.

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Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman
Digital Marketing Manager
The Internet Marketing Academy

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.Net)

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