September 25, 2012

Blog Many people will tell you that to make money online, you need to have a blog. You need to be blogging regularly, engaging with your customers, and providing content that keeps them coming back. But that’s really only the first step toward creating a blog that makes money for your company.

Choosing Content

When choosing the content for your blog, you can, of course, write about the specials your company is currently offering, new hires, new products, and other traditional company news. That’s what’s important to you. But here’s a news flash – that’s not important to your customers.

What your customers care about is solving their problems. If your new product can do that, great! Otherwise, they don’t care, and quickly skim over your blog entry. Moreover, writing about your company in your blog is not going to win you any new readers who don’t know who your company is.

Instead, make a list of the most common questions people have asked you, and write blogs that address each one. Ideally, have someone videotape you giving the answer, so that you can have a video blog as well as a written blog.

Those common questions are what people are looking for online, and that means they’ll be finding your blog. It’s a great way to get (and keep) new customers who value you for your expertise.

Expanding Your Reach

If all you do is change the type of content you offer in your blog, you’ll still have done a great thing to move your blog forward toward generating money for you. But it still requires someone to search for the subject of the blog and click through to your website in order to engage with you.

Expanding your reach moves you past that limitation. When you expand your reach, you allow those people who have read your blog to share your blog posts with people in their social networks.  The thing is, however, that they won’t share your blog posts just to do you a favour, or because you want them to. They’ll only share your blog posts if you make it easy and worthwhile.

You can make it easy for people to share your blog by including one-click buttons that allow the blog content to be shared on all major social media sites. If your blog is a WordPress blog, the Digg Digg plug-in allows you to specify which social media sites you want to allow sharing for, and introduces a floating or fixed, vertical or horizontal button bar to let your blog readers share your content with one click.

It also needs to be worthwhile for them to share the content. That goes back to choosing the right content. If it’s information worth reading, it will be information worth sharing.





Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy


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