November 17, 2011

Gaining the highest possible rank on search engines is a crucial part of online marketing.  No matter how terrific your products and low your prices, if consumers do not see your website, nothing else matters where online sales are concerned.  In order to maximise your online sales potential, you need to be easily searchable using a variety of potential keywords.  One of the more common strategies for gaining a better page rank is to gain quality back links.  For those that are unfamiliar, back links are links coming from a third party website back to your own site.  The more trusted the site hosting the link, the more favourably the search engine will view the backlink.

Article writing is a fabulous way to generate quality back links.  If you create articles that provide quality, informative content for Internet browsers, you will find numerous sites willing to host your articles.  There are some basic things to consider before you get started.

  1. Where would you like to post your articles?  Determining the forum can often help you obtain quality links.  For example, if you know that you want to publish articles on a forum like DIY Network, you need to provide articles detailing how to complete do it your self home renovation projects.  You will also need to meet their minimum requirements for length and quality.
  2. Quality, grammatically correct and informative content is key.  If you provide poorly written, hastily edited items to respected websites, they are unlikely to be posted.  Take the time to create content that is well thought out, organised and current.
  3. Current events play a big role in getting published.  If your content is related to things that happened six months ago, the immediacy is lost.  The more current the content, the more likely it is to be published.
  4. Unique is often better than popular.  Many people make the mistake of rehashing well publicised topics.  Instead of discussing the same things as everyone else, find unique topics to cover.  Online publishers often appreciate have new information to share that is also current, and fits in with their demographic.
  5. Keep the demographic in mind.  If is one thing to try and publish do it yourself tips on a home improvement website, but it is another to publish tips on hiring a contractor on a do it your self website.  Carefully consider where you are submitting before creating an article.

The more time you put into writing carefully crafted content with solid value for readers, the more back links you will obtain.  Larger numbers of back links and back links from trusted sources will quickly improve your page rankings on search engines.




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