September 20, 2012

Sale TagsSales Letters are common to both internet and offline marketing, but they take on a greater importance for internet marketing when they are placed on your landing page. Whatever tricks you used to steer traffic to your landing page, it’s the strength of your sales letter that will convert that traffic into sales.

What’s In It For Me?

The first thing your prospect will see on your landing page is your headline. This eye-catching text needs to state up front what benefit they will obtain by reading through the sales letter and purchasing whatever it is you are selling to them. Four out of every five visitors will stop reading after the headline, so anything you can do to improve the headline has a dramatic effect on your overall conversion.

Laser Sharp Focus

If you try to make your sales letter appeal to everyone, it will appeal to no one. Determine exactly who your ideal customer is, and target the sales letter to them. Identify who your product is for in your copy, and do it in such a way that they can recognize themselves. Make sure you know what the problems are that your ideal customers suffer from, and then highlight how your product solves those problems in your copy.

Tell Them Who You Are

It’s likely that this is the first time your potential customer is interacting with your brand. You need to make sure that you present yourself and your company in your sales letter so that they form the opinion of you that you want them to form.  If you don’t tell them who you are, they’ll fill in the gaps with guesses and generalizations from their experience – and those generalities could be things such as Internet marketers being hucksters who will sell anything without knowing or caring about the product.

Make An Amazing Offer

People are used to getting “but wait, there’s more!” in sales pitches. If you don’t have a bonus of some kind, or have a weak bonus, they will not feel as compelled to purchase as if you have an amazing, time-sensitive or limited quantity bonus. Other bonuses that make customers feel like they’re getting something special are free downloads that they can use while they’re waiting for the product to reach them, or a customer forum they can join immediately upon purchase.

Stay Customer Oriented

Too often, businesses start out strong in their sales letters with a captivating headline, and finish strong with an amazing offer, but something goes wrong in between. They lose sight of the customer, and start talking about how much effort the company put into building the product, or what inspired the various functions included in it. If your copy is not directly related to either telling the customer how the product can meet their need, or offering a testimonial of how a similar customer solved a similar need with the product, that copy doesn’t belong in your sales letter.

Before I sign off, here are some more articles on writing sales copy that you might be interested in:



Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy


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