July 5, 2011

Pushing your website to the top of search engine results is rarely as easy as many online marketing companies might have you believe.  Unless you are paying someone to handle the work for you, there is no magic formula to seeing your website returned at the top of Google every time someone puts in a particular phrase, as evidenced by the touch and go success of such companies’ products.

There are, however, some pretty cut and dried strategies that such companies use to get a website scoring higher on Google, Bing, and other significant search engines.  Most of this success centres on search engine optimisation (SEO), the practice of imbedding keywords into your website to push it higher in search engine results when those keywords are searched for.

SEO is quite successful, and many internet marketers have recognised it as a valid way to see their websites get more traffic.  Unfortunately, many people stop there, getting a grasp on search engine optimisation through keywords but failing to access other means of internet promotion through similar channels.  This loses marketers traffic to their websites that could dramatically increase customers contact to their products.

Keyword search engine optimisation is not the end of the line.  It must be combined with similar strategies to reach maximum effectiveness.  To help you take advantage of these avenues, here are a few ideas that mesh with keyword SEO to shoot your website to the top of Google:

Create Links to Your Pages on Other Websites

Most search engines are very concerned not only with keywords and how often they appear in your content but also with links and how many of them lead to your website.  As such, having a solid supply of links running back to your website across the internet is important to scoring higher with the big search engines.

Submit your website to directories that keep track of particular types of sites.  Include social media buttons that allow visitors to link back to your website from Facebook or Twitter.  You can even talk with the owners of other, related, websites about a link swap in which you post a link to their website on your site and they do the same in response.

Build a Page on Facebook

This runs along the same thought as the section above on links, but on a larger scale.  If you have a dedicated page on Facebook from which visitors can launch to your website your monthly traffic will increase and, in turn, so will your ranking in many search engines.  It typically takes only a few minutes and as people join and like your page they will add your links throughout Facebook, further increasing your attractiveness to Google.

Don’t Neglect Side Elements of SEO

In optimising their websites with keywords, many people think that search engines look only at the content of a page for rankings.  This could not be further from the truth.  In reality, search engines pay special attention to the title of a page, and one that is rich in keywords will earn you more points with the big engines. Headers within a page work the same way – if Google senses a section of text is more important it will pay particular attention to what it says.

Keeping up with what search engines want is no easy task.  By attacking the issue from multiple fronts, however, you move closer to success and ensure greater results across the board.

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