January 6, 2015

Television and internet production technology conceptThe rise in video is being hailed as one of the biggest shifts in the online world over the next few years and it’s important that businesses follow these trends if they want to make the most of their online marketing.

It is important for businesses to stay in touch with what is becoming popular online so that they don`t get left behind, out of date and hence, ineffective and running the risk of wasting time and money.

The latest trend online is through the increased use of video as a way of engaging with people – whether it is business marketing, raising money for charities or even sharing moments with friends.

Even Facebook are embracing this rise in video by making it easier to post videos on their platform, as well as changing things so that now the videos automatically run when you open the page.

Why Is Video Becoming More Popular?

To be able to really make the most of something that is popular, you first need to understand why it is popular. In the case of video, there are two reasons – communication and laziness.

Let’s start with communication. It is much easier to communicate something to someone face to face than through something written or even spoken. The ability to see into the eyes of someone, or detect a tone of voice, body language and gestures means that a message can be much better communicated. A mixture of audio and visual is always helpful in putting across a message. It is much easier to trigger emotions through a video than through a written text, and this is, after all the effect that we are after.

Now to the other, laziness. It is human nature to find the easiest way to do something. And listening to messages is the same. People are too lazy to read a whole text these days, so there are many messages that aren’t being heard. And why should they? If a message is delivered by a video, however, and all they have to do is watch it, they are much more likely to listen to the message.

What To Do?

Think about what content that you are currently putting out.

How can you adapt that to video?

Maybe you write a blog post about the theatre scene in London 3 times a week. You can start recording your ideas and releasing them on video instead or as well as written. It also gives you the opportunity to try out new ideas, like interviews, adding snippets of plays, or even infographics.

If you have a knitwear company you can put out videos showing how to knit a Christmas jumper (and then watch as all of those people realise that it`s too hard and come and buy from you!).

Video is here now and here to stay. It is allowing those businesses who are in touch with technology to engage a lot better with the whole world and potential customer base, so it is definitely worth getting in on it as well. By using and embracing video, people can look you in the eye, see your passion for your product and stay engaged for longer.

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Louise Denny

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