October 23, 2014

apiBusinesses are constantly being told that they need to use social media to engage with their customer base as well as finding new customers. It is becoming so important in today’s society that it has been suggested that companies are dedicating an average of 28% of their spend on social media advertising.

It’s not as straightforward as getting on all of the popular social networks however. Getting your digital marketing right on social media can be very time consuming, so it’s worth working out where is best to concentrate your efforts.

There’s no point in spending hours on a LinkedIn campaign if none of your customers or potential customers use it. So which social network is right for your business?

The three most popular social networks at the moment are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so we’ll concentrate on these three…


Facebook is the most widely used social network, and its users are spread across every demographic of society. Actually, every business should be on Facebook. They boast 1.19 billion users worldwide, so there’s no excuse for a business not to be on there.

Although other social media may be better for generating sales, there is no better social network for increasing brand awareness and ease of communication with your brand community.

There is no particular group or demographic who use Facebook more than other social media, so it is a win win situation. One thing to be aware of however is for businesses with a lot of younger, teenage users. It seems that due to the number of parents who are joining Facebook, the number of teenagers who consider Facebook to be the most important social network is falling. That doesn’t mean that they’re not still using it but perhaps that you should concentrate your marketing towards the teenagers elsewhere.

When you are thinking about what content to put out on Facebook, it has been discovered that posts with a photo generates 120% more engagement than just written content, and that posts shorter than 250 characters have 60% more engagement than longer posts. It has also been discovered that posts posing a question have twice the engagement than non-question posts. It’s worth bearing all of this in mind when you’re thinking about what content you are going to put out.


Known as the social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a great option for reaching professionals and other businesses alike. LinkedIn has some interesting statistics. 38% of internet users who earn over $75K are on LinkedIn and the most dominant sectors are tech (14.3%), finance (12.4%) and manufacturing (10.1%), whilst the legal sector has only 1.4%. It has also been stated that 79% of LinkedIn’s users are over 35 meaning that it is one of the platforms with the oldest customer base.

It is worth remembering however, that people aren’t using LinkedIn for social or fun reasons. They don’t log in every day, just more occasionally to network and see what’s happening in the world of business.


Although Twitter is not quite as popular as Facebook, those who use Twitter are even more faithful to it, with 43% of its users entering every day.

Twitter allows users to ‘follow’ brands much easier than other social networks and many of them do it so take part in special offers or competitions. Twitter is an excellent platform for those businesses who really want to engage with their customers. It is also strongly linked to in the minute developments, so if your business relies on new events – news, sports, or anything else that relies on events happening now, you need to be on Twitter.

When you’re planning your social media marketing, you need to make sure that you know who your target audience is and then choose your social network accordingly. This will ensure that you will get the most out of your time (and money) spent.

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