September 24, 2013

ID-10087056Google+ has been making waves in the marketing industry. As a business owner, you may be wondering what it is all about and whether you should use it. You’re not alone.

Google+ offers a Facebook-esque experience, allowing users to access a news feed where people share status updates and other types of content. Where Google+ is unique is that it uses “Circles” to make it simple for you to share content with specific groups of people (as opposed to Facebook, where you post content on your wall to be viewed by all your Friends).

Why Does Google+ Matter to You?

First and foremost, Google+ offers outstanding SEO opportunities. You can share pages from your website, for example, thereby helping get it ranked higher by, well, Google. This ups your chances of getting seen by your target audience. Google+ is also relatively new, meaning you have time for trial and error, growing along with the up-and-coming platform. With a smaller audience (so far) than on other social networks, you can build relationships with your customers more effectively. Finally, Google+ offers exceptional efficiency. By placing your followers into categories (think email lists), you can send relevant, contextual content to specific Circles.

Getting Started with Google+

Keep in mind that this is the time for experimenting with Google+, and for now, it should probably not be your only social media focus. But its benefits make it worthwhile to get familiar with. One of the nice things about Google+ right now is that the smaller audience means that less frequent posting is acceptable. Once a week is enough to start with. Decide which day and time you are going to designate for playing around with Google+. Once you get your feet wet, you will be able to direct customers to your Google+ page.

How you use Google+ will depend on what your goals are. Posting an article once or twice a week is a good starting point. Engage other users by clicking “+1,” which is similar to a Facebook “like.” Share others’ posts when they are relevant, and take part in the conversation by talking about updates you find interesting, helpful tips, and other comments your followers might find interesting.

Tips for Maximising Your Results

Once you have the hang of using Google+, use a few simple tricks to make your page even better. For example, you can make your content stand out by using distinctive formatting. Longer posts are more acceptable on Google+ than they are on Facebook, but that does not mean your readers want to see a long, boring wall of text. Use good line spacing and paragraph breaks to make your posts more readable. Also, don’t forget great images. Intriguing, vibrant graphics improve click-through rates.

Make your posts engaging by tapping into your followers’ interests. Also, asking questions is a good way to encourage audience interaction. Give them a reason to act, too. One fun strategy is to post a unique image and ask your followers to come up with a caption. Another is to ask for – and take – their suggestions for your future content. Finally, come up with a theme (think Motivational Mondays, Tuesday Tirades, etc.). Or post a trivia question once a week and maybe even a reward for the first correct response – for example, a coupon or a free eBook (full of optimised content, of course).

Be patient and realise that it takes time to build an audience. With persistence, relevance, and consistency, you can develop a community of followers who become more and more engaged.



Sean McPheat
Managing Director
The Internet Marketing Academy


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One thought on “What You Should Know About Google+

  1. Good article! I’ve been researching this, but can’t find an answer to what I would think is a common issue. I have a G+ profile tied to my Gmail, and another tied to my work email address. By default everything I “+1” goes to the Gmail G+ profile, since I’m always logged in to Gmail. I’m looking at merging the two profiles, but it seems that posts won’t be copied over and it’s not a real “merge” anyways – it’s a copy. What’s the best way to use G+ — with a Gmail profile or your business email profile? And if the latter, how can you post/+1 to that profile when you’re logged in to Gmail??

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