May 20, 2014

ID-100100788You feel it’s time to redesign your website and there will be a lot to take into consideration before you do. Could it be to make your website more appealing with a new up to date look? To help you improve search engine friendliness? Or is it to make it compatible for the latest android tablet or mobile phone?

Whatever your redesign is aiming to accomplish, you want to make sure you get it right at the first shot. There is nothing worse for a business than investing time and money into a redesign to find out that it doesn’t meet their business needs or requirements, or worse, you lose your rankings off the search engines. Unfortunately it happens time and time again.

Prior to researching the web design company of your choice or having a go at doing the redesign yourself, here are a few pointers to ask yourself:

What Is The Websites Purpose?

The first key thinking point is to decide what you want your new website to do? Is your new site going to be informative based providing information about your business or are you looking to make sales directly from your website?

Knowing what you want to accomplish will determine what will be required to include on your website, will you need a blog, photo gallery, shopping cart or any other particular requirements? Being able to provide your web design company with this information upfront will be able to eliminate any extra unbudgeted costs, make a list of everything you require your website to do any let your web design company know in advance.

Why Change?

When it comes to a new redesign, why do you need to do this in the first place? Think about what is currently working well on your current site and what is simply not! Look at your website and make a list of everything you like and dislike, it could be that you like the design of the website but it is not converting properly, it looks great on a computer but terrible on an IPhone, or it is just very outdated. Whatever your reason for redesigning it is great to think of it from a design, usability and access point of view.

Is Your Business Growing?

Your website redesign could be simply down to the fact that your business has grown and you need more “room” to showcase your products and services, if this is the case keep in the back of your mind that your business could continue to grow and grow again! Redesigning a website takes a lot of work, time and money therefore it is essential that you think to the future. Most web development companies will be able to assist you with this by providing you with a website suitable to use with a CMS (content management system). Being able to do this will enable you to add extra pages to your website yourself without having to pay additional costs to your web design company to do this for you at a later date.

What Do You Want To Stand Out?

It is important to decide what the most important part of your website is and push it! It could be to advertise a selection of your main products, your contact information or even your blog. It is essential when thinking about your new design to highlight the “important bits” and base your web design around this so that your website converts, it’s all great having a fancy looking website but if it doesn’t convert it is pointless.

Will Your Site Cater For New Devices?

Nowadays it is key to keep in mind how many different ways your potential customer can view your website so it is important that your website is optimised for all devices including mobiles and tablets. It could be that you have a mobile enabled website built or go for a responsive design which ticks all the boxes; however if you decide to progress keep the progression of technology in the back of your mind.

There are many factors to take into consideration when planning a new web design and these are just a few to get you started. Knowing what you want your website to do and understanding your end goals will certainly help to get your wanted end result. Make sure you do your homework and keep your target audience in mind.



Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman

Digital Marketing Manager

The Internet Marketing Academy

(Image by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.Net)

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