November 11, 2014

140d14cb-4b8e-451c-a7d2-00d1fc6a8617Social networks are becoming more and more important in the way that our world functions. It`s easy to forget however that there are other social networks, and not just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Whilst these social media platforms are important and widely used across the whole world, it could be that the demographic of your particular customer base are also using other social media platforms. The most effective businesses show that they have a complete understanding of their customer base and this includes hanging out where they hang out (online and offline).

There are new social media platforms coming out all the time, and older ones being re-vamped, so let`s have a look at what there is.


Google+ is the social media baby of Google. It involves friend circles, group hangouts, messenger, instant uploads and hashtags but is definitely very user-focused.  It is open to brands, but still much more focused on the users. It is, however linked strongly to Google (the search engine), so it is worth getting on there for this reason alone.


Image focused social media is being seen to be the next big thing. Pinterest is a vision-board styled social media platform, and if your product or service is visually appealing, you really should get on Pinterest.

Users create a particular theme board and `pin` photos to it. The aim to create links across the world with others with shared interests. You can follow themes and businesses, so it can find you many new `followers`, or people interested in your business theme, quickly and in really diverse locations. Users can also `re-pin` your photos (much like sharing on Facebook) hence, spreading the net wider still.


Ryze is a social networking site for professionals, mainly entrepreneurs. It allows people and businesses to connect with one another and if you are either an entrepreneur yourself or looking to find business from entrepreneurs, this may be a useful network for you.


YouTube is a video sharing site, which has, well, just about everything. People are becoming much more switched on to the power of video these days. Due to the amount of time that we spend on the internet as well as better and faster internet connections, we are becoming much lazier in terms of reading, and turning quickly to video.

You can use YouTube to get great content out there in a similar way to blogging. People can follow you and, one of the best things of all is that they care share your video across other social media platforms.


TalkBizNow is a social media platform designed to help small businesses. Their aim is to help businesses with their needs, make contacts and integrate it all through the web. Not only can you create a profile and network, this social platform also has a big file storage facility, you can manage your calendar, host webinars, web and voice conferencing and even manage all of your other social media.


As the name suggests, this is a social media platform for, well, the affluent. You need to be able to prove that you are affluent enough to be able to join this exclusive club. Once you`re in though, you can enjoy meaningful conversations as well as exclusive features, and quality advice and content from industry experts.

If your business is aimed at these kinds of people, it is worth trying to get in, or at least becoming a featured industry expert!

The world of social media can be a bit of a mine field, but if you do some extra research, you might just find that there is a platform which could do wonders for your business.

Many thanks,


Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman
Digital Marketing Manager
The Internet Marketing Academy

(Image courtesy of dollarphotoclub)

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