September 11, 2012

Variety of emailsOne of the most crucial elements for internet marketing is regularity of contact. Whether you are posting entries in a blog, adding links to Facebook page, or sending out email marketing letters, you need to be doing so regularly, so that your potential customers begin to expect your contacts.

For your prospects to look forward to these contacts, they must contain valuable content that your prospects appreciate receiving, not an incessant series of advertisements for your goods and services. Even within the realm of valuable content, however, you should vary the type of content.

Vary the Format

One way that you can keep your contacts new and interesting is to vary the format that you use. One day, you can write an article. The next day, you can compile a top-ten list. Another day, you can include a video. Following that, you can report some statistics with a punchy infographic.

If your prospects are never sure what they’re going to get when they look at your blog or open your email, but it’s always something of value to them, you’ll build in a sense of excitement and anticipation regarding your contacts. This will predispose them to purchase from you.

Vary the Depth

You don’t want every article you write to be an in-depth expose of industry secrets. While a few of those can enhance your credibility and add impact to your internet marketing efforts, too many are off-putting. It’s too likely that your prospects will skip over your blogs or emails to come back to when they have the time to give them the consideration they deserves. In today’s high-paced business world, that likely means never.

To keep your contacts from falling into that trap, you need to vary the depth of your contacts. You can alternate serious pieces with light-hearted pieces. You can send out a number of short pieces for every long piece. You can use bullet lists and infographics to make your work easy to grasp, interspersed with writing that requires more study to fully understand.

Vary the Timing

Some articles, emails, and posts are time sensitive. They are reacting to items in the news, or informing prospects of an upcoming event. Other contacts are evergreen, and will be just as valid a year from now as they are today. Still others slowly lose relevancy. Reviews of new products fall into this category, as the review is only useful while the product is still available for purchase, either from the manufacturer or in the secondary market.

Evergreen contacts will help you to pick up on long tail searches in the future, but time sensitive contacts will help give your prospects a sense of urgency to take action. For the best results, you should use a mix of timing for your contacts.





Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy


(Image: Agne Kveselyte via Stock Xchng)

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