May 21, 2013

palmtop computerWith well over half of all mobile phones being smart phones, and about one in every six computers being a tablet, the desktop is no longer users’ primary interface to the Internet. If your sales pages do not display on tablets and mobile devices, you are losing sales. Following are some of the biggest trends in mobile marketing, and how they impact Internet marketing.

Video marketing

People like viewing videos on their mobile devices. Even business people, who are viewing business related videos, prefer watching those videos on their mobile devices nearly half the time. The mobile format is ideally suited for consuming small amounts of content while you are waiting in queues or waiting for everyone to arrive at a meeting. To take advantage of this, Internet marketers need to ensure that their video marketing displays well on mobile devices, and can be easily shared or responded to from a mobile device.

Social networking

People may like to view videos on mobile devices however they love social networking on mobile devices. Over 90% of mobile users consider their mobile device their preferred social networking interface. Make sure that your Internet marketing can be liked, shared, followed, friended, and all of the other social networking reactions from a mobile device. Avoid pop up screens to perform social networking functions on a mobile display, instead favouring inline icons that will not obscure the content.

Targeted mobile apps

Marketers are quickly realizing that mobile advertising is not as targeted approach as advertising a mobile app that is specific to your target. By creating apps that feature coupons, loyalty programs, receipt processing, or other benefits for your customers, you create a built-in marketing base of people who are predisposed to buy from you. It is far easier and more cost efficient to market to your existing customers, than it is to convince people who have never heard of you to purchase your product.

Artificial scarcity

Consumers no longer leap at the chance for every free e-book available, as a result depriving Internet marketers of valuable leads. They will research at length online, and feel no urgency to purchase, because their perception is that the goods and products will always be available. To counteract this, Internet marketers need to create an artificial sense of scarcity. This can be done effectively with countdowns, timers, and limited editions. Just be certain that your artificially imposed scarcity is true scarcity. Your customers will feel cheated if you say a specific offer is available for only ten days, and on the eleventh day, it is still available. On the other hand, if on the eleventh day the same product is available only the price has gone up by 10%, your customers who were on the fence will feel a strong sense of urgency to get it at the new price before the price goes up again.

Before I sign off, here are some more articles on mobile marketing that you might be interested in:



Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy


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