November 23, 2010

One of the things beginner marketers do not do very well when they write copy is explain to the prospect the BENEFITS of the product/service. They simply do not tell the prospect what their product/service is going to DO for them and make their lives better.

This is a really bad mistake. After all, people do not buy your product just because it is bright and shiny. They buy it because it’s going to do something for them.  It’s going to give them a Big Benefit that’s going to solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

For example, if you’re selling a “make money online” product, people aren’t going to buy from you because the product has a certain number of DVDs or audios. They are going to buy from you because they want what the course is going to do for them: help them make more money so they can live a better life.

One tip you can implement right away is to double check your sales letter and see if you have a lot of “you’s” in the copy.  In other words, you are telling the prospect directly how their lives are going to be better and why they should buy your product.

If you go through your copy and you do not have a lot of “you’s”, you need to add more benefits in your sales letter. The easiest to do that is to ask yourself, “So What?” or “Who Cares” after each sentence.  Then you include why the customer should care and what benefits they will experience when they use your product/service.

You should never let your prospect figure out the benefits for themselves. You need to tell them through your sales letter so they can paint pictures in their mind of what it will be like if their problem is going to be solved…or their desire is going to be fulfilled.

Just this exercise should boost the selling power of your sales letter. It’s all about telling the prospect what’s in it for them. Do this and your conversions could skyrocket!

Keep Selling!


Sean McPheat

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