July 24, 2014

email distrWith the modern age of social media marketing, our old friend email marketing seems to have been brushed under the carpet and neglected somewhat.

But is it really that outdated already?

With such a posing question, it seems right to discuss the merits of this direct marketing method.


The Advantages of Email Marketing

There are still many, many advantages of using email marketing: it reaches out directly to the customer straight into their inbox.

An email is a great chance to display special offers and products along with your expertise. A cracking example of how you can master email marketing is ‘Wowcher’, who send out offers daily from local businesses, ranging from meals out to sky diving experiences.

Sending out emails frequently without being an inbox pest keeps your brand name in the head of the prospect or customer to keep them fully aware of your company.

It makes your brand a lot more accessible to a wider audience, the email can be forwarded on to various other prospects with ease.

Add links to your email as a call to action to give more traffic to certain areas of your website. Make sure the landing page is attractive and will make the traffic keep flowing around the website instead of it stopping right there.

All in all this method of marketing is extremely efficient – both from a cost and time perspective. The emails are delivered in an instant for a very nominal fee per email (in most cases a fraction of a penny).

But there are, as with most marketing campaigns, pitfalls.

Most people receive tens or hundreds of emails a day. More likely than not – your email will be put straight into the virtual bin. Entice the audience with an attractive title that doesn’t look ‘spammy’.

Many people try and make the email fancy by adding attractive headers and images.


Many inboxes will not show this content leaving the user with a jumbled, disjointed email. In most cases, it will mess with the formatting making you look extremely unprofessional.

It is difficult to engage with your audience through an email. Some of your contact list would have joined after signing up for a competition or for email tips or advice. When you send them an email that will want the customer to part with their money – some will immediately unsubscribe.

And if they do unsubscribe, make sure you take them off the list; especially if you are American. The CAN SPAM law which was passed through congress in 2003 made sure that anybody who spammed paid anything from $10,000 to $1.3million or spend 70 days to 5 years in prison.

Any small errors during an email campaign can have a huge impact – one typing error in the process of creating an email message can be seen by hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of people.

So if you were looking at implementing email marketing, or looking for a reason to maybe get shut of it, we hope that we helped in making up your mind.


Louise Denny Profile Pic

Louise Denny

Head of Marketing

The Internet Marketing Academy


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