January 8, 2015

Strong Superhero Businessman WWW ConceptsSo you have a great website and are currently releasing interesting, useful content on a regular basis. You are managing to engage a little with your followers or fans, and are finding that some of the same names keep popping up time and time again.

There are the people who are always commenting on articles or discussions and always give you feedback when you ask for it. They might seem as passionate about your product as you are. These people are your community heroes.

Your community hero is like a brand advocate and in terms of marketing is a great person to have on board.

Why To Engage With Your Community Hero

When you have someone who is truly passionate about your product or brand, you need to utilise them to their best effect. Having someone from outside your business advocating it gives a much stronger message to potential customers than you yourself telling them why your product is so great.

Another great reason to get them engaged is because you can substantially extend your online reach. It is always useful to have people that can open your product up to all of their contacts, but also, logic tells us that people that they know will probably be of a similar demographic, and therefore more likely to be interested in your product. For example, if your company make fitness shakes, one person who is interested in fitness is more likely to know other people who are interested in fitness than a person who is chosen at random.

The third and possibly the most important reason to engage with your community hero is because if you keep them happy and engaged, they will not only feel like you are appreciating them and including them, but you are also creating a customer for life. They may not stay a community hero for life but they are almost certainly going to continue buying your product.

How To Engage With Your Community Hero

OK, so we now need to work out how we`re going to keep these community heroes engaged, Here are five ideas:

  1. Fan Of The Week – You could feature them as fan of the week. Find out a little about their story, why they love your product or brand and make them feel really appreciated.
  2. Guest Posts – If they seem like they write well, why not invite them to write a guest post on your website – about something relevant of course
  3. Ask Them For Their Opinion – Make them feel special and ask them specifically for their opinion on new ideas or products, or other elements of your business such as how easy it is to buy online, delivery experiences, etc. You could create a special advisory panel of community heroes – or those who have shown a great amount of interest. This will both make them feel involved and give you valuable information.
  4. Respond Personally – Make sure that you maintain the level of communication so that your hard work is worth it. Try to respond to them personally and show that you appreciate their input.
  5. Get Them In As Admin – If you have a particularly strong relationship with them, and they have the knowledge to do so, why not get them onto your team? Maybe you could give them admin rights to your social media or forums so that they can really help you in a day to day manner.

Online Community Heroes are something that should be treasured. The pure fact that they are willing to spend their precious time on your business is enough to mean that they need to be nurtured. So go and work out who these people are and get engaging!

Many thanks,


Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman
Digital Marketing Manager
The Internet Marketing Academy


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