aEverybody seems to be talking about infographics these days. When it comes to putting out content, sometimes pictures do really speak louder than words, so infographics are really a valuable asset to any content which is released. Here are a few reasons why we should be concentrating on infographics.


According to Hubspot, 40% people respond better to visual than written content, and images on Facebook get shared five times more than written content. People are becoming increasingly lazy with reading words as we spend more and more time on the internet, and visuals such as infographics are a great way to convey information without people having to read it.

You can use infographics to visually convey information in a useful way. For example, when talking about percentages you can visualise them by changing the size of a font or an image.

Conveying Complex Information

There are some subjects which are too complicated to try to explain in words, but a simple visual diagram will say everything. Try explaining what a rainbow looks like, for example. Not easy is it? It would be much easier to show a picture of a rainbow. An infographic can be a really useful tool to explain complex subjects.

Presenting Information In A Different Way

Infographics are a great way to present content or news stories which have already been released in a new way, giving it a fresh face and a new angle. You can take a BBC news story, and turn it into an infographic. For example, you could take a news story about government spending cuts, and show in terms of your product or other things how much they are cutting, for example, that`s 50,000 cars or 200 years on a cruise. This not only makes it easy for people to understand, puts it into perspective, but also links it to your business.

They Can Provide Information For Text Content

In a similar way to the above, the information portrayed on an infographics can also be used in written content. The information that researchers have spent days getting hold of can be then re-used to put out the information in a different format. This way you are getting the most out of the time that people are spending on both research and output.

Measurable Results

One of the main differences between an image and an infographics is that you can get measurable results from an inforgraphic. You can get information such as the number of shares, back links, citations and traffic, which is very useful for those who are using infographics for SEO.

Link To Outside Your Industry

As it`s visual, you can create links from subjects that are relevant to your industry and this can be applied into other industries. For example, if your business is in oil, you could produce an inforgraphic about the amount of oil that is being found every day, and from this, you can pass it on to environmental agencies, the principal oil users or even schools. This will dramatically increase your outreach and exposure.

Infographics can be done relatively inexpensively, especially is you can supply the information that you are trying to convey. They are easily used across the whole of the internet and social media, promoting sharing and increasing the possibility of it going viral. They take up less space and can convey a message at a glance. So it`s time to jump on the infographics bandwagon and get that information out there.

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