appAs we are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets more and more, businesses have to adapt the way that they market online. No longer are we accessing the internet just at home or at work. We are accessing on the bus, in the pub, in the park, just about anywhere, so business’s online marketing needs to be fully adapted for the use of mobile.

As this is still a relatively new and growing phenomenon, we are still learning a lot of lessons about mobile app marketing, but there are a few mistakes which some businesses are making, which are resulting in ineffective or a lesser impact campaign.


Be Clear About Your App

One of the common mistakes is that businesses build an app without being clear about what the final result will be. Just because other businesses have developed an app, doesn’t mean you have to, unless you can provide something of value for your users.

Ensure that you have a clear idea about the result that you want from your app. For example, have you thought about how you can monetise it? Does it fit in with your branding?

Make it Mobile Specific

Many companies make their apps exactly the same as their desktop. This is very risky. A normal website cover, shrunken down can be confusing, fiddly and above all else, annoying. An app allows a whole array of different functions, so don’t fall into the trap of just trying to create a shrunken version of your website.

A Smartphone allows users to show where they are at any given time. Businesses can take advantage of this function to give location specific information.

Inputting information is much more time-consuming on a Smartphone than on a laptop, so try to keep the information required to a minimum and design the app with this in mind. An app should be used to give the most important information.

If You’re Going to Make an App, Make an App

There are many companies who build a mobile website then try to pass it off as an app. Apart from anything else, this looks very unprofessional and like you don’t really know what you’re talking about. It’s also very annoying for when people don’t have any reception.

If you’re not sure how to actually build an app, don’t be tempted by just using your mobile website, go and get help and advice from someone who knows.

Have Your Marketing Plan Ready

Too many businesses build and develop their app without a marketing strategy behind it. Your app could be the best in the world, but if people don’t know anything about it, it’s useless.

Advertise your app on your website – don’t turn it into an app advert – but make it obvious to your visitors that you have one available. You should also do some research into common app discovery trails – how are people finding apps?

Also make sure that you encourage positive feedback. People are always quick to complain, but less quick to give good feedback. When people are considering buying an app, they almost always look at the reviews.

Concentrate on Retaining Customers

Once your app is built, that isn’t the end of it. You need to make sure that they continue using it. Is it a game that’s easy to finish, or more of a novelty? They return time and again because it has value for them, so bear this in mind when you’re developing it.

Businesses are investing more and more money in mobile, so the forecast is that it’s here to stay. By being aware of the mistakes that others are making, you can ensure that you have the most effective mobile app marketing possible.

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Louise Denny

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