One of the things that are popular in internet marketing these days are sales videos. These are basically videos that don’t have any copy below except for an order button.

Most of these videos are extremely simple, in that they are just recorded Powerpoint for Keynote presentations. They are usually black text on white background–nothing fancy about them.

One example is the sales video for the Every Other Day Diet.   Most of these videos have several things in common:

1) They tease a “#1 Secret” throughout the video.

They are effective at building suspense at the #1 secret to solving a particular problem.  It’s like a cliffhanger at the end of a TV show…customers are just dying for more.

2) They are usually 1-5 minutes long and don’t have fast-forward controls.

What’s the first thing most of us does when a video comes on? Check out how long the video is and if we don’t have the time we don’t watch the video.  Most of these sales videos are devoid of controls…the only thing you can do is stop and start.

3) The order page usually drops down at the call-to-action in the video.

It is impossible to order the product until the video asks for the order. Then the order page will drop down thanks to a simple timer script any programmer can create. This prevents people from looking at the price in a sales video.

This is something you’ll want to test in your own marketing. In some cases it will outperform a sales letter…others it won’t. It really depends on the market.

One of the reasons this strategy DOES work is because the sales pitch is coming at them via multiple senses: sight and sound. Further, a video without controls and an absent order button forces people to read the entire script in the video, and prevents people from looking at the price. This is what most people do when they read a sales letter.

So this is something you may want to test in your marketing.  Give it a try!

Keep Selling!


Sean McPheat

Internet Marketing Academy