So you have optimised your site from top to bottom to attract the search engines.

But have you checked your website for broken links?

Broken links (or otherwise known as dead links) is when you internally link to another page on your website or externally link to another and it comes up with an error.

Not only is this massively frustrating for the user on the website – but it also attracts an almighty frown from Google.

There are quite a few causes of broken links. A page on your website can be moved and the URL changed, linking to certain pieces of content that no longer exist or externally linking to a site that is no longer there.

These errors can have devastating effects – should the user experience be rubbish, the user will leave your site.

Google clearly states to webmasters in its guidelines to frequently check for broken links. Should you ignore this advice and have many of them frequenting your website – you will be penalised on the search results.

Search engine crawlers will stop crawling that page once they encounter a broken link – so if you have a fully optimised page but a broken link at the start, then you have wasted your time.

How can I combat this?

Going through your website page by page and clicking every linked item is timely and would take you forever.

Instead there are many free tools out there which crawl your site for you and identify where these links are.

Online Broken Link Checker is a free tool that helps you out with finding these links and gives you the exact source code where it can be found.

Fix these broken links as soon as you can, the lost visitor on your website could be losing you a lot of business.

Many thanks!


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Louise Denny

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