April 9, 2013

variety of mobile phonesMore and more people are using mobile phones as their primary means to access the Internet. While once you only needed a mobile website if you were a restaurant or service provider whose number someone might be looking for, virtually all businesses must now be conscious of how their website appears on mobile devices. These seven secrets will help to ensure your mobile website is a success.

1. Divide and conquer

Your website is divided into zones or sections. You have a section of navigation, one or more sections of ads, a header section, and a content section. The more that you can divide your website into these different sections, the more control you have over the order in which those sections appear for your mobile website. If your navigation, ads, and content are all one big section, you will not be able to change their order of appearance to enhance the mobile experience.

2. Respond automatically

Many website templates are designed to be responsive. Responsive websites at a minimum allow the width of the website and the size of the text to be adjusted. WordPress-based websites can use plugins that detect whether the device viewing the website is a mobile device or not, and provide entirely different user interfaces for different devices.

3. Allow freedom of choice

Just because your visitor is using a mobile device, does not necessarily mean they want to be limited to the information available on your streamlined mobile website. Give them the option to view your regular website, and do not automatically send them back to the mobile version if you detect they are using a mobile device.

4. Target your audience

Use your website analytics to determine which devices your target audience uses, as well as which levels of operating system your target audience has installed upon those devices. Develop your mobile website with that operating system and device in mind, then test on all of the major devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phones, with backward compatibility to the operating system versions still in use.

5. Use easily resizable text

Do not develop a Flash website, unless you want to develop a duplicate non-Flash website for mobile users. Avoid popup windows, fixed display widths, and floating images or text boxes. Popups are difficult to close on a mobile device, fixed display widths require scrolling back and forth to see the entire display, and floating images or text boxes that are insignificant on a computer screen can obscure most of the content on a mobile device.

6. Put your phone number in text

Mobile devices will convert any phone number into a click-to-call hot spot. However, this only works for text phone numbers. The mobile devices will not touch phone numbers that appear in graphics, depriving you of an easy way for potential customers to reach you.

7. Keep to one page

Have all of the content in an article available on a single page. That way, website visitors who start reading your content and then pass out of range of a signal will not be frustrated and unable to finish the content.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy



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