August 2, 2011


Marketing takes a product and convinces an individual that it is something they need or want.  In order to do that the product must be personalised.  Not only must you inform people about your product, but you must do it in an interesting and engaging way.  With online marketing not only can you personalise your product, but you can personalise how you approach people about your product.  To personalise a product or service, you must make it approachable and relatable.  The person reading your advertisement must be able to identify with it.  Online marketing encourages you to vary your ads based on their location.  Keeping your ads engaging and understandable requires several steps which are detailed below.

First, figure out the customer you want to approach.  Explore the demographics that make up your current customer base and make some decisions about which markets you want to focus your efforts on.  Always include your largest demographic, but never discount your smallest.  Anyone is a potential customer.

Next, determine what appeals to each target demographic.  You should identify things that those groups want, need or worry about.  Once you have decided on some common ground within that demographic you are halfway to creating a successful ad campaign.

Then, decide on the methods you will use to engage the customer.  Where will you post your advertisements and how often?  Choosing the location of online advertisements is just as important as search engine optimisation.  Getting your website to come up for search terms is a great start, but advertising needs the next level of distinction to convince browsers to click-thru to your website.

Finally, customise the ad based on the location.  If you are posting for a younger crowd, make the language more hip and youthful.  Older crowds may prefer a more formal approach.  Families often respond to ads that give them a sense of safety.  Personalise the ad to match the demographic you are appealing to and that works with the location you are posting the ad.

By determining the demographic, identifying strategic approaches, picking the right place to advertise, and customising the ad, you create an advertising campaign that is multi-pronged and responsive to customer wants and needs.  Instead of general you get a one on one approach that seems to be focused directly toward the reader, making your products and services seem very approachable.  Consumers prefer to spend money with companies that understand their needs.  A personalised advertising approach allows you to show a customer the specific ways your company can help them.  This will help you to seem more approachable to the consumer and make them more likely to buy from you.


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