October 30, 2012

calendar A complete Internet marketing strategy may include updates on your website, audio marketing podcasts, video marketing, articles, blogs, posts, tweets, and pins, as well as sharing and commenting on other blogs, posts, pins, and tweets. To make sure you don’t miss one of your updates, a marketing schedule is imperative. This also helps you to plan in advance what you want to do in order to take advantage of holidays or other special events such as joint promotions.

The easiest way to plan out your marketing schedule is to superimpose a spreadsheet over a calendar. The rows and columns will correspond to the weeks and days of the week in your calendar. If you have a very dense strategy, you will include multiple keywords or multiple platforms on each day. If you have a sparse strategy, you will have only a single platform and keyword combination per day.

Create lines of keywords

If you put together a full marketing schedule that describes what content you will be creating when, you can more easily vary the keywords that you use for your different content. List your main keywords, auxiliary long-tail keywords, and variations of keywords. Create at least four sets of these different keyword combinations, to correspond to the four weeks in the month. If you need more content, create more sets of keyword combinations.

Create columns of media formats

Each combination of keywords can be featured in SEO optimised blogs, articles, audio, video, and social media. If you need more content, include more formats in each column, for example breaking out multiple social media platforms.

Organise by holiday or special event

Superimpose your spreadsheet of rows and columns over your calendar. Note any holidays or special events that will require specific types of marketing activities, and move the keywords and formats around until the appropriate marketing activities line up with the dates on which you want them to occur.

Create keyword rich topics

Now that you know which keywords you want to focus on in which formats for each day, you can plan appropriate keyword rich topics, including SEO optimised headlines. Enter the topic or topics for each day on your calendar. By knowing in advance what you plan to create content for, you will be able to recognize ideas that can contribute to those topics when you run across them. It also gives you plenty of time to subcontract out content creation and still be sure the resulting content will fit into your overall marketing plan.

Schedule content release in advance

Once you know what you’ll be releasing on each day, you can schedule it in advance for release, saving yourself last-minute headaches. Various tools exist for different platforms, such as WordPress for blogs and HootSuite for social media that allow you to pre-load your content to be released at a specific time and date. You don’t have to worry about interruptions caused by vacations, volume of work, illness or natural disaster. Your content will automatically appear where and when it is scheduled.





Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy



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