September 6, 2011

When you see a product that has gained incredible market share it is a good idea to evaluate their marketing efforts for ideas that you can apply to your company’s strategies.  In recent years, one of the most amazing success stories is Facebook and Facebook games.  Looking at these games and the way they effectively market to the consumer can give you tips on ways to make your product more accessible.

Successful Facebook games generate tons of sales, but how do they do it?  What makes them go viral and how can my company do the same?

Most Facebook games have several marketing techniques in common.

They Are Free To Play

While many people do spend money on the games themselves, they are totally free to most users.  The free play options or slower play that is offered on a free basis is enough for most people.  The bottom line is, how much time do you really have to spend playing games anyway?  By offering free play and real time play, they convince people to log in regularly.  The more people log in, the more likely they are to buy from affiliate advertisers.

If your company offers some kind of free service, people are more likely to regularly visit your website.  Information is often the best type of free give-a-way for a business.  Articles, how-to guides, seminars and other informational pieces can get people coming back time and again.  The information should be industry specific, and well researched, so that customers are actually getting the expert advice they seek.

Solid information will get cross-posted and forwarded, generating marketing opportunities that are totally free for your business.  This is the basic process of going viral. Once your freebie informational pieces go viral, you get leads that can turn into sales.

Service Users Market Facebook Games

Another strategy that Facebook games designers like to employ is the “post your achievement” option.  When players post achievements to their wall, their friends will see it and it can act as a reminder.  Seeing another’s achievement can remind someone how enjoyable the game is and convince them to login.  If they have never played and are unfamiliar, it shows them an entertainment option they might enjoy.  After all, when a friend posts a high score or special achievement, most people want to see how they match up.  A little healthy competition can go a long way in generating user driven marketing opportunities.

You, also need to find ways to get information about your products or services out to the general public.  Contact information brokers that send out e-newsletters or email blasts.  Many of them are looking for information to include, and you are more than happy to provide them with content since it turns into free marketing for your company.  Rewards for referrals can be another great tactic.  On Facebook the referral system is automatic, but you need to find other methods to generate referrals.  A great way to convince current customers to bring in referrals is to offer a discount or free item or service for each referral they bring in.  A contest where the person who brings in the most referrals receives a large-ticket item can get the competitive juices flowing.




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