July 12, 2011

If there is one aspect of internet marketing that seems to fall through the cracks more than any other it is converting successful marketing into a completed sale.  It often seems that no matter how well you might market a product – with great SEO, a clean, easily navigated website and direct to customer strategies – they just are not as interested in seeing things through to end as your business is.

In truth, this actually exposes that you are not marketing quite as well as you could be.  It means that while you might be fully versed in internet marketing and might be doing a good job of getting customers looking at your products and seeing the benefits, you just are not closing the sale.  By implementing sales practices into your marketing strategies you can likely remedy this problem and begin moving towards greater profitability.

More that Search Engine Optimisation

When reading blogs and information online it can often seem as if search engine optimisation is the only thing that people have to take into consideration when it comes to developing internet marketing content.  This simplistic approach ignores the vast majority of what goes into a successful website, and while it may be easy to focus solely on SEO, it is not advantageous to do so.

The content of your website should implement the buzzwords that sales representatives use to get their potential buyers interested in their products.  As such, having someone from sales look over the content of your website can often yield better results.

Google Isn’t Everything

Every website should strive to get to the top of results pages on Google, Bing, and other major search engines.  But there are other important aspects of internet marketing that should not be sacrificed simply to move to the top.  Getting your products out to the specific audience that your product is going to sell to is far more important than getting your name at the top of a list that is catered towards people with no interest in your product.

As such, make sure the keywords you are working with actually serve the interests of your desired customers.  If a keyword is general it will likely just put you in a fight for position with bigger companies that you cannot win.  Instead, isolate keywords that will get a bigger percentage of your smaller target audience seeing your site at the top.

Throw Customers a Pitch

The final mistake that many people make when marketing online is to treat their websites solely as marketing products and ignore the time-tested methods of sales that work.  Salesmen and women all have motions that they go through in each pitch that work customers towards their eventual goal – the sale.  They move from opening the sale to learning what a customer needs to summarising those needs, presenting a product that suits those needs, expressing its benefits and uses towards those needs, and closing the sale.

A good website absolutely must do the same.  It needs a good homepage that welcomes visitors.  It needs divisions of products that narrow customers down and enables them to find things that are specific to their needs.  It must put forth products that cater to those needs and content that illustrates how the product can meet those needs.  Finally, it needs a good system for collecting funds and completing the sale.

Sales has lent traditional marketing a great deal over the years.  To be successful, internet marketers need to pick up on those lessons as well.

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