December 11, 2014

BloggingGuest blogging in principle is a great idea. If you have a blog about cooking, getting Jamie Oliver to write a post for you could be a touch of genius as far as expanding your outreach, as well as making your site more interesting by adding a little variance.

So what’s the problem with guest blogging? Well, like a lot of other internet-based good ideas, it has been hi-jacked by spammers. The innocence of providing quality content for people with a genuine interest in a subject, with no personal gain is all but extinct these days. Guest blogging is now all about getting links through to other websites. So much so that people are specifically targeting bloggers and offering them money to allow a guest blogger to post on their sites.

The Pros Of Being A Guest Blogger

If done properly and for the right reasons there is no reason why you can`t continue to guest blog. The best thing about guest blogging on someone else`s site is that you can get your name and brand out to a whole new crowd of people, who, depending on the site will have an interest in what you have to say. From this, whether you add a link in to your website or not, you can greatly increase traffic to your site and the outreach of your brand or product.

You can also boost your reputation and credibility as both a blogger and a business by providing really good and useful information, and it can also be extremely valuable in building your online community.

The Pros Of Having Guest Bloggers On Your Site

Apart from the added interest that you get by having articles written from other angles, having guest bloggers on your site is great for building relationships. Not only between you and the blogger, but also their fans and followers are sure to be coming to your site to read what they said. You can be getting yourself a whole new group of followers or customers if they like what they see.

The problem comes when people start to abuse guest blogging as a marketing tool to get links to their spammy sites.

So How Do I Avoid The Wrong Kind Of Guest Blogger?

The most important thing to remember is to check out your guest blogger before agreeing to anything. Here are a few tell tale signs that show that you might want to avoid someone…

– They contacted you out of the blue in an unsolicited email. If they have been contacting hundreds of people with a generic email, the likelihood is that however much they tell you otherwise, they aren`t massive fans of your site and aren`t really interested in writing specifically for you.

– Search under their name to see if you can find any other of their articles. What are they like? Are they spammy and full of links? Or are they genuinely useful and interesting?

– If you’re in doubt, ask them if they will accept `nofollow` links. This means that the links that they put into their content won`t be accepted by Google. This was designed by Google for the exact reason of avoiding spammy SEO.

When it comes to guest blogging, it`s simple. If you`re doing it for the right reasons and in the right way, you will have no problem. It is a perfectly legitimate way of increasing your reach and providing extra, useful content to your community. Google are really trying to clamp down on spammy guest bloggers who are out there just for their own gain. And this is what should be avoided. So is guest blogging a thing of the past? I really hope not, because we don`t want to punish all of those people who guest blog for the right reasons and takeaway the enjoyment that they give people because of the people doing it for the wrong reasons.

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