September 5, 2013

kokokoIt’s tempting to target a young audience with your internet marketing. But don’t overlook the 65 plus set. They are becoming more and more active and computer literate all the time. Those 50 and up are the largest – and most affluent – group of internet users. Their net worth is much higher than that of younger people, and they have outgrown email as their only means of internet communication. Seniors now search on Google, use Facebook, and watch YouTube videos.

In fact, senior-living communities are now teaching their residents to use social media. More and more, they are establishing their own Facebook pages and posting photos and videos online as a way for family members to stay informed and connected. And there are now social networking websites just for older generations.

How many seniors are actually online? Over half of them. That’s tens of millions of people at least comfortable enough with computer technology to make online purchases. These people are embracing the simplicity and convenience of internet shopping, and smart marketers will try to keep up. Older generations have more disposal income than youngers, are brand-loyal, and usually have plenty of time.

Social Media Marketing

People 65 and up are the fastest growing social network demographic. Millions of people in this age group use Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Reports show that at least 11% of Facebook users are seniors. They use social media to connect with their friends and family – just like other Facebook users – and to share photos and play games. Even if you already have a social media marketing strategy, you may want to consider a separate account specifically geared toward older generations, because they make choices and purchases differently than younger adults and teens.

How To Market To Older Generations

Understand that seniors make shopping choices based on relationships, more so than their younger counterparts. They generally buy the same thing that everyone else buys, but they research and plan more first. Their most popular online activities are email and health information research. Realise that seniors value experience over material possessions. Gadget porn won’t work on them; instead, they want to know how a product will enhance their activities. In other words, they won’t love something because it’s cool; they will love it because of what it can help them do. Spend some energy learning about this valuable demographic to optimise your internet marketing.

And if there isn’t sufficient evidence to convince you that you should be marketing to seniors now, consider this: over the next decade or so, as the baby boomers continue to retire, they will become the next generation of old generations – and the baby boomers are every bit as computer literate a generation as you could hope for.



Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy

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One thought on “Internet Marketing To Older Generations

  1. Great information Sean. I myself being over 50 years of age can attest to the growing market of folk over 50 that are very active online. I also agree that they are a market really being overlooked that have specific wants, needs and interests. By marketing to this segment of our society it could not only prove to be profitable for the marketer who really understands those needs and interests but truly rewarding because of the help and assistance their products or services could provide to this growing market.

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