February 21, 2013

flock of birdsIt seems counterintuitive, but one of the most sure fire ways to decrease the number of your Twitter followers, as well as reduce the overall number of sales coming from your Twitter followers, is to use Twitter to sell to them. Instead, if you want to increase your sales through your Twitter followers, you need to first gain more followers, and then encourage more of those followers to become customers by becoming someone they know and trust.

Become visible

The simplest way to gain more followers is to become a valuable Twitter resource. First, you need to become visible to potential customers so that they will follow you. In addition to the one-off visibility actions, such as listing your Twitter name on your business cards and at the bottom of your emails, you can become visible to many people at a time by becoming active in Twitter streams where your customer base can be found. View the most popular Twitter users at Twitterholic and follow the ones whose followers are your potential clients. Respond to their tweets as appropriate. View the most popular hash tag conversations, which can be found at search.twitter.com, and participate in the ones that are appropriate to your business.

Provide value

Whether it’s responding to a tweet by someone with many followers or participating in a hash tag conversation, always make sure that your tweets provide value. Answer questions, share news about your company, products, or industry that your customers will find interesting, or offer tips and tricks for getting the most out of your products or other products commonly used by your customers. Offer insightful comments that add something to an existing discussion. Pictures are often perceived as valuable, because they are able to illustrate many things at once. People who see one of your tweets and think it has value are likely to become your followers.

Make personal connections

Once you have people following you, engage with them. Respond to their questions, as well as to thoughtful comments on your tweets. Tweet about your passions both in and out of work. Being real and multidimensional does far more for creating a bond between you and your followers than being a boring business drone will. Once you’ve established that connection, your followers are more likely to trust your recommendations involving your company’s products, which will result in more sales.

Monitor for effectiveness

As with every other aspect of marketing, you should monitor your Twitter followers to determine the effectiveness of your Twitter strategy. TwitterCounter is a resource that will track how many new followers you are adding, and Qwitter is a resource that will track how many of your followers stop following you after each tweet. Learn which types and frequency of tweets produce the best results, and optimise your tweets accordingly.






Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy



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One thought on “Increase Your Sales Through Your Twitter Followers

  1. Yes, that’s a great strategy. I personally use my social media space to sell products to my friends and followers. No matter that is not very efficient ot at least as efficient as it could be in person 😉

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