January 20, 2012

Email marketing is an effective, fast and cost-free way to promote your business, but it can be tricky getting your message to stand out in the crowd of emails your prospects receive on a daily basis. The average professional is thought to receive around 100 emails a day, and a great deal of these will be a form of email marketing – so how can you ensure your email reaches its intended recipient and is opened and read?

People hate spam emails, which are just sent out on mass and often have no relevance to the recipient at all. In order to break through the tidal wave of spam emails your prospects will receive every day and make your email stand out as being a genuine and well thought out attempt to connect with your recipients, you need to consider some basic rules of email etiquette.

Make Your Contacts Relevant

Not every company will have managed to build up a successful contact database to engage with through email marketing, and there is nothing untoward or illegal about purchasing contact information for this purpose – but you must ensure that you are purchasing data from a reliable provider, and that the contacts have opted in to this database.

This is the first and most important rule of email marketing, but to ensure complete email etiquette you should also consider how relevant these contacts will be to what you are intending to contact them about.  If your product or service has no relevance to a particular group of people, then simply spamming them with emails and hoping it will bear fruit is pointless – it’s a waste of your time, and you will simply be making a bad name for yourself by not targeting the right people.

Make Your Content Relevant

Following on from the issue above, the content you send these recipients needs to be specific to them too. Some of your list may be interested in different offers or information than another sector, so make sure that the content you send to these prospects is specific to them. If it’s relevant and well thought out, it’s much more likely to be opened and read and this is the goal with email marketing.

Don’t Spam Your Contacts

When planning email marketing scheme you should not only consider how relevant your database and information is, but you should also consider how often you contact each list. Spamming them every day or every week is not going to get them to take an interest in you and it’s likely that you’ll just put them off you and your company. One well thought out and relevant email a month will gain a better response than simply bombarding them every day or week.

Acknowledge Unsubscribers

Although these contacts have opted in to this database, you should always respect any requests to unsubscribe from your list and not contact them again. People have the right to ask for this, and if you continue to spam unsubscribers you are only wasting your time and damaging your reputation with them. It’s also a good idea to email back and acknowledge the fact that they don’t wish to be contacted again, as it shows respect for their right to choose.

These four top tips for improving your email marketing etiquette should help you be more targeted and direct when conducting email marketing campaigns. Although you can never guarantee all of your recipients will open and read your emails, adhering to simple email etiquette techniques will certainly help increase your chances of gaining a positive response from your contacts.       


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One thought on “Improve Your Email Marketing Etiquette For A More Successful Campaign

  1. Among the list you mentioned in your post the “Acknowledge Unsubscribers” is the most important etiquette of a successful e-mail marketing campaign. The time will come that your readers might want to get rid of those e-mails, so respecting your customers’ privacy by unsubscribing on your e-mails is really an effective e-mail marketing technique. This will not only show that you are a professional it will also build a trust between you and your readers.

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