September 6, 2012

Social media logosAre you trying to maintain a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, and discovering that there aren’t enough hours in the day to read everything that the thought leaders and social influencers in your sphere are saying, let alone search for mentions of your products or services? But you’re terrified that if you start skimming – or worse, skipping! – posts you’ll miss something crucial.

If This Then That (abbreviated IFTTT) is the perfect solution for social media overwhelm. It allows you to specify different rules for each social media platform that you are following. You can have it automatically alert you via email or text message based on who is posting, or on keywords that are used in their post.

This is an excellent way to find out who is saying something about your company anywhere in social media. Set up an alert that references your company name, or the name of your major product. Whenever a happy customer tells their friends about their experience with your company, you can follow up asking for reviews, referrals, or additional sales. Whenever a disgruntled customer tells their friends about their experience with your company, you can follow up with immediate damage control, doing whatever it takes to turn an unhappy customer into a raving fan who will tell everyone how you fixed their problem.

You can also identify the thought leaders and social influencers that you wish to get closer to, and get alerted whenever they mention something in your area of knowledge. You can jump right in with an insightful comment or helpful suggestion to a problem they’re having, and immediately be recognized by their other friends and followers as someone of value.

Other ways people are using IFTTT are to automatically update their status in Facebook when they receive reviews from clients or are tagged in other people’s photographs. They can receive text messages warning about weather conditions that are likely to cause traffic slowdowns. If you use a webmail service such as Gmail, you can set the system up to automatically create new records in your customer contacts database when request for information forms arrive in your email.

Since the service is currently free, many people are also using it for personal situations as well as business. Some examples include notifying you of when new streaming video becomes available on Netflix, to record a history of rain for your location, or to track the music you listen to through a service such as Scrobbled.

Best of all, if you are part of an internet marketing agency that performs social media services for other companies, you can use IFTTT to convince them that they are your number one client, with dedicated support. After all, whenever anything about their company appears in the social media, you’re on it within a matter of minutes.





Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy

(Image Creative Commons by webtreats)


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