September 12, 2013

ID-100168006A well-kept blog should be an integral part of your website. First and foremost, your blog provides a way to connect with your customers and build relationships with them. A blog gives you a chance to ask them questions and listen to their feedback. Also, the continually updated content is good for your SEO. Understanding some basics about blogging can help you make yours popular and effective.

The Right Elements

Paying attention to certain parts of your blog can help you maximise your lead generation. A good blog post should have an eye-catching title, social network sharing buttons, and a call to action. Also, the entire post should be relevant (no rambling allowed).


For best results, you should stay on topic. Your posts should always fit the niche you’ve established. Decide on a list of categories that all your posts will fit within for a focused, meaningful blog that doesn’t disappoint readers who showed up expecting a certain type of content.

Editing And Revision

Just like most other forms of writing, a good blog post typically undergoes some revision before posting. Write it out, then read back over it, smoothing out clumsy sentences and fine-tuning its structure. Finally, read over it again, this time proofreading for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors – and make sure your links work. Don’t underestimate the number of readers who are immediately turned off by sloppy writing or posting.

Improve Your SEO

Take advantage of strategies that increase your chances of being found by search engines. Google likes freshly updated content, so post regularly. Post fresh, relevant content that is well-written and thoughtful, and use hyperlinks – but don’t overdo them.


Words and headings alone do not a great blog post make. The right images can increase your readership by conveying the feeling of your post, illustrating one of your ideas, or evoking intrigue. Many of your readers are visual learners who retain information better when it is connected to images.

Word Count

The basic rule of thumb here is to use as many words as it takes to say what you have to say. Many blogs stick to a certain number of words per post; that’s fine, too, but realise that different topics simply require different word counts. As long as you are using your space wisely, sticking to your topic, and communicating clearly, don’t worry so much about how long or short your posts are. If you are restricted by parameters outside of your control, you can always use your blog to link to longer content elsewhere. The bottom line is that the quality of your post is much more important than the quantity of the words.

Valuable Content

Valuable content is user-centred. It stays focused on their needs and interests. This also includes making sure the blog is readable, clear, and action-provoking. Use subheadings, bullets, and lists for ease of reading, post shareable content (and make readers want to share it), and invite action by providing a place to comment and links to related content.

Successful blogging is a bit more involved than many business owners realise, but once you get the hang of some simple approaches, your blog can be an effective part of your overall internet marketing strategy.






Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy


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