October 15, 2013

ID-10019658If you are using LinkedIn, you probably realise that it comes with multiple opportunities for marketing and networking, but you may be unclear on how best to take advantage of what it has to offer. Whether you are a small business owner or yours is a large corporate business, there are certain strategies you can use to develop a LinkedIn marketing plan and maximise your long-term success.

Understand that using LinkedIn effectively, like other social networks, requires a long-term commitment to your marketing plan. An effective strategy will require consistent managing, monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting. Assess your needs and your resources ahead of time and determine what you can commit to, and then try the following tips for integrating LinkedIn into your comprehensive marketing program.

Build A Strong Company Page

You will need to build a LinkedIn company page to establish a business presence and use the extra features that increase your visibility. Basically, think of this as an extension of your website, using it to display graphics, content, products and services, and even job openings. Invite people such as employees, clients, customers, and vendors to follow your page. An effective way to grow your following is to keep your LinkedIn page filled with relevant and interesting status updates. Remember that you can target your members with specific updates relevant to them.

Launch a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn groups are another part of a complete strategy for positioning yourself or your business as an industry thought leader. Focus on gaining members with common goals, and manage your group consistently. This task could be assigned to someone who will ask great questions, preapprove discussion posts, and decide which members are accepted into the group. When you launch your group, you will want to get the word out. Let employees, clients, customers, and other influencers in your field know about the group. Use the group messaging feature, which allows you to message you members each week with promotions, campaigns, or other relevant messages that go directly to their email inboxes.

Involve Everyone

Specific employees will need to implement and maintain your LinkedIn strategy, but everyone should be on the same page. When everyone is involved in your LinkedIn initiative, an extended network is created that strengthens your company’s presence. Provide training on how to represent your company and how to use LinkedIn. For motivation, teach team members the advantages of LinkedIn in expanding their own professional networks.

Monitoring And Tracking

You will need to know what your business goals are when you start using LinkedIn. Your success using LinkedIn will be measured by whether you accomplish these goals. Appropriate goals for using LinkedIn include enhancing your company’s position as an authority in your field, increasing brand awareness, and lead generation. You should also define specific metrics by which to measure your success that align with your company’s goals. LinkedIn can grow your company’s reach and generate new business when used properly.






Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy



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