August 29, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour SEO content is of utmost importance to your marketing strategy, but not everyone has a team of writers at their disposal. Oh, wait, yes they do – this is what outsourcing is for. Outsourcing your content creation is easy and has great benefits, but there are a few things you should know in order to do it right.

Why Should You Outsource?

For starters, outsourcing saves you time and money. Using a writing agency to create content prevents you from having to provide full-time employee benefits, hire temporary writers, or train current employees to write your content. And a good content creator will provide you with excellent work, and relatively fast – depending on the project. Hiring a content creator also allows you to multitask – focus on more specialised projects while the writing agency works on blogs or website content, for example. And just because you or your staff are highly talented in one area does not mean you are all great writers. Take advantage of the expertise of your content creators and leave yourself free to focus on your own area of expertise.

Choose Wisely

Having someone else create your content can be nerve-wracking, and for good reason. You are asking someone else to represent your brand. So take a few steps to help ensure a productive, successful relationship. You can’t skimp on your content; don’t skimp on your writers. Invest in quality help. Ask for testimonials and references – and actually checking them is not such a bad idea. And read writing samples. Make sure they are interesting and free of errors.

Start Off Right

Be clear about your expectations. Talk about exactly how much content you need and how often. And give clear directions. The best writers in the world can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell them what it is. Keep in mind that the more your writers know about your business, the more fitting your content will be, so provide them with plenty of information such as operations, promotions, product lists, and existing content. And be specific: do you want certain topics? A certain format? Communicate all of this to your writing team.

Maintain The Relationship

In certain situations, you might want to implement a formal training program for your writers. If you run a particularly complex business, for example, this might get you the best results. In other situations, some basic information might work just fine – but again, you must communicate clearly about what you want. And periodically follow up with your content creators, giving feedback and letting them know what you love and what you, well, don’t – that way your content gets better and better.



Sean McPheat
Managing Director
The Internet Marketing Academy


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