August 15, 2013

Fear of public speakingSurveys have repeatedly shown that people’s number one fear is public speaking. It surpasses fear of death, which comes in at number two. Yet Internet marketers know that few things can do as much for your page rankings in the search engine results and your site’s overall traffic as a well-optimized YouTube video. Fortunately, there are ways to create videos even if you’re terrified of talking to the camera.

Have someone else speak

There’s no reason that your video has to feature you. Instead, you can interview one of your customers. Ask questions that draw your customer out regarding what was special about your product or service. Don’t worry about how your voice sounds or what people will think of you. You can edit out all of your questions in the final product, so it’s just a video of your customer.  Another way of having someone else speak is to hire someone to be your company’s on-camera personality. Many major media advertisers have used this method over the years. Just be certain that whoever you hire is not also doing something that could detract from your brand.

Use voiceovers

Going one step beyond having another person’s face on camera, with voiceovers, there is no face. The video consists of slide shows or animations, and an unknown voice narrates it. You can script the narration for your video and hire someone on Fiverr, Odesk, or eLance to record the voiceover. If you are not comfortable editing the final footage of your video, you need to be sure their voiceover matches up exactly with what is being shown on the screen at any given moment. You can either provide the rough video for them to use as a basis of their narration, or you can give them a precise list of how many seconds they have to say each segment. If you are comfortable editing the final footage of your video, you can simply have them record their voiceover at their chosen pacing, then adjust the video so that the footage and voiceover match.

Have no voice whatsoever

If you have a compelling video, you do not need narration. This requires more up front work, because you need to make certain that the images and video clips you include will illustrate your points for you. You don’t want people to have to read two minutes of slides. Use animations and special effect image transitions to keep viewers’ attention. After all, the human eye is attracted by movement, so it’s important that your video keeps moving. Also, without a voice to focus on, the music that you select for the background accompaniment becomes much more important. Make sure that the music enhances rather than detracts from your video’s effect.





Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy


(Image: Creative Commons by ServantOfChaos)

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