April 27, 2015

online reputationAn online reputation can make or break a company. With social media and directory sites providing opportunities for clients to leave their feedback about any organisation, managers have to be very diligent in checking and staying on top what is written about their brand online.

A negative post about a company can quickly go viral, and too many bad reviews on directory sites can lead prospective clients to take their business elsewhere.

If you are already facing negative comments online, there are ways to improve your online reputation with these steps.

Create a Google Alert – A google alert is a free online service that sends you an email anytime a subject you are interested in is mentioned online. All you need to do is to set up an alert with your organisation’s name and include your contact information to get updates anytime your firm is mentioned online. You can either get a daily or weekly email, or an as-it-happens notification.

Participate in the Conversation – A great way to try to regulate what is said about your business online is to participate in the conversation. Join social media sites and communicate with the people that are writing about your services or products. Take the time to write a “thank you” for a good comment or review, it will make the person leaving it feel appreciated. If you get a bad review, try to contact the person through a personal email or a phone number, if there is one. Discuss the review and see what you could possibly do to change the person’s experience and get him or her to update what was written online. If the individual is unwilling to do so, or you cannot get in contact, feel free to post an answer online for others to see.

Bury the Content – A strategy that many online marketing professionals employ to hide negative content is to bury it with good content. Although it is very difficult to get something removed from an online source, it is often easier to create more new information to hide the negativity. If someone leaves a negative post on your Facebook page, for example, create a contest or post new informational articles to push the post down and out of view. You can always enlist the services of a professional online reputation firm to help you manage your image on the internet.

A business’ reputation can be built or taken down by what is said about it online. The internet is a source that allows news, whether accurate or fabricated, to spread at the speed of light. In order to monitor what is being said about your brand online, you need to keep track of and join the conversation, taking measures to bury the content, if needed.

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