August 30, 2012

Man presenting a webinarWebinars are excellent ways to launch a new product or service. They can also be used to bring new life to an existing product or service, presenting it in a way that captures people’s interest and makes it hot again. For evergreen products or services, a recorded webinar can be posted to YouTube and continue to inform and convert potential customers for years to come.

There are some key points to keep in mind when creating a webinar to create a webinar that will wow your audience, to have them buying your product or telling their friends about it. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a webinar that unlikely to move your audience to action, and that will sink into obscurity moments after it is launched.

First, you must be able to both define and reach your audience. Say that your ideal audience is shopkeepers. Is there a way to reach all of the shopkeepers in the UK? Not easily. However, if you define your audience more narrowly, for example shopkeepers in a single city, there is probably an organization that they belong to which would allow you to reach most if not all of them. Be careful of how much you narrow the audience. If you have to restrict your audience to a very tiny segment of your potential customer base in order to be able to reach them, make sure that the size of the audience still warrants a webinar. For example, you may want to narrow the audience to shopkeepers in a specific city so that you can reach them, but keep the presentation general enough that you can later present it to shopkeepers in different cities.

Once you know your audience, determine what topics will prove valuable to them. Ideally, you can string a number of different topics together into a series. This will build upon the audience of the first webinar, and get them excited to attend the next webinar. Of course, it relies upon you actually delivering upon your promised value.

Start as you mean to go on. Do not start with a low-cost webinar provider if it has a limit to the number of attendees and quirky formatting. At some point, your series of webinars will outgrow the service, and it will cause you many headaches to transfer to a new service. Look for something that can be scaled up as your audience grows.

Incorporate email marketing with your webinars, first to drive attendance, and after the webinar, to convert attendees into customers. If necessary, partner with another firm that has a larger email list to try and gain your first attendees. Capture attendees email addresses by making them register for the webinar, and then follow up with drip mail campaigns until they convert.



Sean McPheat
Managing Director
The Internet Marketing Academy


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