March 13, 2014

Klout - The Fredrick News PostDo you know your Klout score? Do you know what a Klout score is? If you don’t, now is an important time to take note and act on the changes that are happening.

Initially, Klout just measured your social media influence. Its algorithms took into account how wide your social media circle was, and with the content you shared, how influential you were – for instance the amount of likes, comments, retweets etc were generated.

From this data, you were given a Klout score between 1 and 100 to show how influential you were across all major social media platforms.

However, things have evolved.

In February this year, Klout announced changes to their format which aims to help users create content that is worth sharing with their audience.

After ‘years of experience developing the topic graph’, Klout’s new content platform helps Klout users be better content creators.

So instead of just being a bystander, Klout can now help you to enhance your overall score with their content feed.

What’s New About Klout?

With Klout in the past, users would tirelessly work to please their followers by trying to create and share great content constantly so their Klout score would slowly climb. Now, producing blog posts of a consistently high quality on a regular basis is a very hard thing to do – especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team working for you – but with the new ‘Create’ tab on Klout, you can find articles of a high quality that are relevant to your audience.

The first step is to enter your search term into the search bar at the top and search for your articles. As you hover over the share button of a certain article, it lets you see a percentage of your Twitter audience that would be interested in seeing this particular article – and you can then share this instantly if you think it is of immediate relevance.

Furthermore, you can use the “share later” option – where it shows a calendar, and for each day it shows three times of the day when your audience is at its most active. This means that you can actively publish the most relevant content to your targeted audience at the time they are most likely to see and interact with this content.

The end of the process is a tool where you can measure your Klout score, and you can see who has engaged with the update you have shared.

How You Can Use Klout To Promote Your Business

So how exactly can you use Klout for your business now? Well, start by using and publishing articles outside of your own company blog that are relevant to your business. Show that you are an expert in your field by looking for relevant content and schedule it for when people are active and ready to listen.

Before you share the content, see if your followers would be engaged by it.

This – coupled with sharing your own blog – could increase interactions on social media, increase your influence through your Klout score and has serious potential to increase the awareness of your brand as a whole.



Ben Lyons

Marketing Assistant

The Internet Marketing Academy

(Image by The Fredrick News Post)

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