June 30, 2011

Twitter is a far more complex tool that most people take is for – in the marketing world, it really is one of the trickiest.  Trying to cram your ideas into such small statements can often be distracting enough that you completely forget to focus your attention on how you could be more effectively marketing your products.

To combat this, I’ve created a quick list of four things that anyone successful in marketing on Twitter understands.  If you really want to utilise such outlets, you should seriously consider whether or not these things could help you do better.  Otherwise, you might just be missing out on a lot of different ways to reach potential customers.

Make Each Tweet Count

This one is up at the top of the list for one obvious reason – it’s the most important suggestion on this list.  It is vital that you understand exactly what Twitter is capable of in marketing and how those reading your tweets will understand the messages, because you are not marketing in those 140 characters – you are representing every aspect of your business.

So while you might think that a simple advertisement through a tweet is just that, it will actually effect every aspect of the business it markets.  Those interested in the message will want a link to the product or service, leading to sales.  If they try out the product and are not satisfied you have to provide customer service through those same tweets to avoid losing face.  When someone makes an outrageous claim in response to your tweet and people start buying into it, which they may well do, then it is time to break out the PR guns.

Marketing on Twitter in many ways is not marketing at all.  It’s representing an organisation with a marketing-based approach.


Once you manage to get a few people interested and following your Twitter account, don’t neglect to respond to what they send back your way.  If people are upset, find out why.  If they are happy, start marketing to them even harder, because you must be doing something right.


This does not necessarily have to be a creepy as it sounds.  I am simply advocating for you getting out there and finding out what your competition is saying over Twitter.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it – you cannot blame yourself for looking at a competitors billboard while walking down the street.  They are making it public, so just open your eyes and see if their tweets effect you at all.

Branch Out

If you really are trying to market to as many people as possible, you should be following as many other Twitter accounts as possible.  When people in your area receive notice that you are following them there is a pretty good chance they might follow you too.  So even if they have never expressed interest in your product before, if you think it might be interesting to them, follow them.  It might just work out for you.

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One thought on “Four Means of Social Marketing You Should Utilise on Twitter

  1. For me part of Twitter’s ‘charm’ is being able to say what I need to in the best way possible knowing I am limited to a certain number of characters. Sometimes it can be a great lesson in being on target and to the point. I am still mastering the art of tweets but when I can write them so they get clicked I know the same characters might make a winning blog post title too!

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