August 7, 2014

ID-10051139 (2)Direct marketing emails may seem like a thing of the past given the recent explosion in the use of social media for digital marketing. This begs the question, is it still worth investing in email marketing campaigns? An email inbox is probably the most checked post box that we have. How many times a day is an inbox checked in comparison to a letter box? Email is one of the most direct links that businesses can have with their customer base.

A successful email campaign, especially one which works alongside other marketing campaigns such as social media or TV adverts can still prove to be very effective, and relatively inexpensive to carry out.


1. Have A Good Quality List
It is vital that the receiver’s list is up-to-date and includes the right people. Ensure that these are the people who want to be receiving the email, who have an interest in the product or service of the business. By checking the open-rate, marketers can see how many receivers actually opened the email. According to the Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, the average is about 20%, so if the open rate is less than that, there is a problem with the list.

2. Do Something Shocking
One way of grabbing attention is to do something shocking or unusual. This will heighten curiosity, and incite a reaction. Make sure though that the tone and content fit with the nature of the business.
3. Link it to Social Media
A good way of engaging with a potential customer base is through social media. Emails can have content which can be easily shared through Facebook or Twitter, thus linking the two. This ensures a longer and more consistently present bond between a business and their customer base.

4. Be Real
The rise in social media is meaning that customers increasingly want to see the people behind the business. By adding in real photos of products, workers, marketing campaigns and customers, the email receiver can see a business’s personality and humanness which is becoming more and more important.

5. Stay Simple
It might seem like common sense, but the more simple the email the better. Add a call to arms, but keep it simple and easy to do, as there is nothing worse than trying to understand complicated instruction. By keeping it simple, words are often more concise and more likely to be read.

6. Keep it Short and Sweet
An effective way to drive traffic to a website through an email campaign is by giving recipients a taster and then directing them to the website. Keeping it short and sweet leaves people wanting more.

7. Use Visuals as well as Copy
If talking about a product, using photos is much more effective than writing about it. By using a few words combined with pictures the whole email is more interesting and better understood.

8. Include Links
If talking about a specific product, add direct links for potential customers to find out more about it and make buying it easy.

9. Don’t be Too Salesy
There is nothing more off-putting than receiving a generic, salesy email, so avoid this at all costs. Try to make is personable and friendly.

10. Put it into Context
Explain to the recipients why the email is being sent to them – like a specific event or news and this will help them realise why they need to get involved.

A good email campaign can still be extremely effective as a marketing tool. The key is to get the right email sent to the right people and to link it to other campaigns.

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Louise Denny

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One thought on “Effective Emailing – Ten Top Tips on Creating a Great Email Marketing Campaign

  1. What a great outline. I think the most important thing mentioned here is that you have to be real. When you take an approach that isn’t meaningful to you, your audience can tell! Thanks for the tips!

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