March 6, 2014

Business Names - by PGBrown1987With recent news reports claiming that living on a street with a rude sounding name can actually devalue the price of your property in comparison to other houses in the same area, it got me thinking about just how much value a name can hold.

The name of your company should signify and demonstrate what your company brand is, and what this brand is all about. Does the name of your company signify professionalism, strength, power, expertise – or does portray a picture of a fun, quirky or cool brand to be associated with?

Did you choose your company name for a specific reason? Does it stand for something? Does it include a description of what the company does? Or is it something completely random, designed to create mystery and intrigue?

Whatever you choose, your company name is going to be the first step towards developing your business brand so it is very important that you do your research, brainstorm your ideas and get this right.

Here are some of my favourite names of businesses that I have come across recently. Some of these are clever, some a funny and some seem to bear absolutely no relevance to what the company actually does – but they should give you a chuckle anyway!

Curl Up & Dye – Hairdressers In Oxford

Numerous hairdressers around the country seem to now have this name but I particularly like this one in Oxford as they have established a very retro and quirky brand for themselves through their website and the way they have designed their salon.

Wright Hassall – Solicitors In Warwickshire

I’m sure they didn’t realise at first when they chose to use the founding partners surnames to brand the company, but you would think they’d have clocked on after a while! Still, as much as this isn’t the best brand statement you could be making for a law firm, I bet they have got plenty of publicity out of it.

Krunchy Fried Chicken – American Takeaway In Manchester

It could be argued that it does exactly what it says on the tin, but I think there might have been a slightly different reason for this business choosing to use a K instead of a C to spell their company name. Nothing like a bit of piggy-backing on another well established brand – and it certainly seems to be working. Not only does this takeaway get to use the KFC acronym on their marketing materials, but when you type in “Kentucky Fried Chicken in Manchester” into Google they even appear in the rankings for it!



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