May 16, 2013

coloured markersPeople associate particular emotional values with different colours. Choosing the right or wrong colours for your website and email branding and calls to action will have a strong impact on your conversion rate and ultimate success as an Internet marketer.

Colour associations

Black calls up strong, accurate associations, and is best for industries that value precision and credibility, such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and service professions. It is also excellent for giving a touch of stability to industries such as fashion or marketing, as well as being associated with luxury. Green is commonly associated with nature and ecology, making it well suited for anything organic, health-oriented, or related to the outdoors, however it is also associated with education. Blue is considered trustworthy and technical, which is why it is used by so many banks, businesses, and hi-tech companies. Yellow is considered optimistic and youthful, and is used to catch attention of people who are glancing at a store front or landing page. Red creates a sense of urgency while orange inspires taking action. Pink is considered romantic and feminine, while purple is associated with beauty and anti-aging.

Colour differences between the sexes

Women and men both react well to the colours blue and green, and dislike the colours orange and brown. Women also like purple and dislike grey, while men like black and dislike purple. The difference regarding perception of purple between the sexes may be due to its association with beauty, rather than a reaction to the nature of the colour itself. Do not feel that a colour should be avoided completely if it is disliked. These colours can make excellent accent colours, especially with calls to action, since the slight discomfort they induce helps to encourage people to take action and move off of the page. Similarly, favourable colours can make a page seem too calm and relaxing, and prevent people from moving off of it.

Call to action colours

Red and orange are both good colours for calls to action because they trigger strong reactions. People who see the colour red actually experience an increased heart rate, which makes them more excited about your offer and about taking action on it. Orange, especially the redder shades of orange, have a similar although slightly lesser physical effect. The fact that orange is disliked as a colour also contributes to people wanting to take action in order to remove the offending colour from their sight. It is notable that merely changing the colour of a call to action button from green, which is calm and restful, to red, which is energising, increases conversion rates by more than 20%!

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy


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