January 23, 2014

Facebook Like - Frame AngelIn terms of social media marketing, Facebook is widely considered to be a predominantly Business To Consumer platform – with few corporate companies making a real effort to include this particular social networking site in their social strategy.

Whilst it is true that Facebook is one of the less corporate social networks out there, it is still one of the most well established and widely used social media platforms in the world and B2B companies certainly shouldn’t dismiss Facebook as a potential avenue to reach their target market.

As a corporate company you simply need to market yourself differently than B2C businesses on Facebook and below are our top 3 tips for finding B2B prospects on Facebook and ensuring you get your brand in front of a relevant audience.

1. Be Clear On Who You Are Targeting

You need to think carefully about exactly who you are trying to target before you start planning your strategy. Whilst it is clear that you are going to be looking for people who are likely to be interested in your products and services, you need to work out exactly who this demographic will be – and you can do this by analysing the traffic you have coming through your other marketing avenues.

You might have several different target markets to attract, so you need to be clear on what the demographic for each one of these markets is before you can market to them successfully on Facebook. Are they mostly male or female? What age ranges would they be? Are they based in a specific area?

Further than that, what groups would they be a member of? What other companies would they be interested in? What blogs or online magazines would they choose to read? All of these are important questions to help you target this market successfully.

2. Understand Their Facebook Behaviour

Once you are clear on exactly who you are targeting you need to study how a cross section of this market would behave on Facebook. Who have they “liked” and who are they following? How is their profession involved in what they do on the site? What interests are they quite vocal about?

You can then use this information to target them through Facebook advertising and ensure that you are displaying your ads to the right type of Facebook users for optimum results.

3. Use Keywords To Find Them

So how exactly do you set up your Facebook ads to target your B2B prospects? Well, you simply combine all of the demographic and behavioural information you have complied using the steps above and structure your Facebook adverts around it.

Start by working out what kind of response you want to get for these ads. Do you want to get more likes on your Facebook page, do you want to drive more traffic back to your company website, do you want to simply get your brand in front of them etc?

You can then choose a relevant image and ad copy to create your advert, and then you can start to target your ad to the specific demographic needed. Through Facebook ads you can target the following areas of a user’s profile:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Workplaces
  • Interests
  • Connections

And the list goes on and on! You can be really specific about who you want to target with your Facebook ads to ensure you are getting your brand in front of the right B2B audience – but you need to know exactly who you want to target, how they behave on Facebook and what interests them in order to do this effectively.



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Louise Denny

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One thought on “Are You Reaching Your B2B Prospects On Facebook?

  1. Great post. I agree that careful monitoring of demographics, keywords and behavior is the key to a successful B2B partnership. Well done.

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