August 15, 2012

If you have been actively pursuing your Facebook campaign and you have not seen results, you may be making fatal mistakes that cause your campaign to crash and burn. Facebook has upwards of 900 million users, which means you have more than ample opportunity to reach a large market. However, if you are not following the precise guidelines presented by Facebook, your campaign won’t get off the ground. Check out these fatal Facebook flaws that can be holding your business back on Facebook.

  1. Pages: There is a two-fold aspect to Facebook pages for marketing. First, you have to use them. You can’t count on your personal Facebook page to drive traffic to your website. Next, and most importantly, you have to fill out the page completely. If you leave blanks in the contact information section or don’t post your address and pictures, you might as well shut your page down.
  2. Play by the rules: Facebook has rules. It might look like an anything goes site, but in reality, it is closely watched. If you break the rules, your page can be shut down. Make sure you read every detail about business pages before you begin. For example, you cannot have a cover photo that contains pricing, discount offer or purchase information. You also cannot have a call to action on your cover photo or your contact information. Your photo should be a photo that is indicative of your business.
  3. Legalities: If you are going to sponsor a contest or give something to visitors, you have to make certain that it is legal. If you advertise a contest that is not legal, your page can be shut down, and you could face fines.
  4. Over populating page with text: This also includes too many posts. You don’t want to write a book when you add text to your page. Keep it short and to the point. You should also make sure you are posting regularly but not every time your screen saver changes. No one wants to receive notifications on their page every time your boss calls your name. Keep posts relevant and short.
  5. Stick to your brand: Be careful that you aren’t creating posts that steer people to brands other than your own. Don’t let your posts get sidetracked and ultimately have nothing to do with your business.

Facebook can bring you a large amount of web traffic, if you take the time to learn how to utilise it properly. You don’t have to spend hours a day watching the page and making comments to be successful. Use Facebooks’s rules and guidelines to create a quality page and then update it regularly. Your business will gain visibility and your web traffic will increase in a short time.

If you have used Facebook pages and made other mistakes that you want to share, use the box below and we can all learn what not to do.  Go check your Facebook page and make sure you aren’t breaking any rules that will have you removed from the site.




(Image: Dry Martini via Wikimedia Commons)

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