February 3, 2012

For all those who may not of grasped it yet, internet marketing is the future. Fact.

With so many channels of information online, numerous social platforms to conquer and different devices to access all of these information streams on you need to ensure you are targeting your prospects through the right mediums.  

Each individual prospect or client will have several factors which make up their consumer behaviour, so the key to keeping onto top of your target market and pre-empting their buying patterns is to connect with them in the right contexts.

Now, their buying behaviour will be a combination of many personal factors which you are unlikely to be able to target directly, especially on a large scale. But there are three contexts which all of your target market will fall under and these are social, local, and mobile.

In order to become a SoLoMo marketer, you need to consider these three areas of your prospects behaviour before you attempt to interact and engage with them.

The Social Context

First of all, consider the platform through which you are attempting to engage with your target market, as way people use different social media platforms is dictated by why they are choosing that particular platform as their medium in the first place.

Facebook is seen as being a literal “social” network, as many Facebook users are looking to chat, “like” and share their personal interests with their virtual “friends” via this medium. When marketing via Facebook you should incorporate this friendly, chatty approach to your campaign in order to get the response form your contacts on the platform.

Twitter is much more about sharing regular and concise pieces of news and content with your followers. On such a vast platform, it’s unsurprising to realise the average shelf life of a Tweet is no more than an hour, so when marketing to Twitter you have to be concise, consistent and attention grabbing to ensure your Tweet gets noticed.

LinkedIn is a dedicated professional platform, where the end goal is to network, inform and advise fellow professionals through distributing high quality content and engaging in business-focused discussions. This again will require a different type of marketing plan in order to reach the right people.

The Local Context

On many social platforms and web devices you can now see where your target audience is at any given time through the use of “Share My Location”. Knowing your prospects real-time local context can be of huge benefit when trying to market to them effectively, as this gives you the opportunity to tailor your marketing to be highly powerful and extremely relevant.

The Mobile Context

The main concept to grasp is that social and local are also mobile, so it is vital that you now start to consider this of great relevance to your future marketing campaigns.

With half of all local searches conducted on a mobile device, and mobile users spending over 90% of their time online visiting social media platforms it’s not difficult to see why Microsoft has recently claimed that mobile internet usage will have overtaken desktop based usage within the next 2 years.  

So if you’re not already mobile enabled with your marketing, 2012 is the year to start.

Considering these three contexts of buyer behaviour before you attempt to engage will ensure that that your future internet marketing campaigns stand an increased chance of success.   



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