February 11, 2014

YouTube is well renowned for being an entertainment platform to find funny videos to pass the time of day, but did you know that businesses also use the video sharing website to educate customers and market their products?

YoutubeThere are many benefits of YouTube from a B2B or B2C perspective – hence why Google felt the need to purchase the site for 1.65 billion dollars back in 2006! You simply need to know how to use YouTube to help your business succeed, so here are my top 8 tips on how YouTube can benefit your business.

1. It’s Not Just Video You Know?

You can upload so much more than just videos to YouTube. You can upload presentations and audios to your site as well. Had an client who could not attend a meeting or missed a very important conference call? YouTube could be a solution for you. Upload your material and set the page to private, send out the link and the job is done!

2. Get Hands On & Personal

Want to add a personal touch to wow your clients? YouTube can give you access to making that personal video! Most laptops and phones nowadays have the option to record video and some even have a button you can click to instantly upload the video to YouTube. What a better way to impress your client by making something quick and easy which is personal to them?

Want the more professional look? Invest in a small HD Camera and some reasonably priced editing software (if you’re lucky enough your Microsoft package will come with Windows Movie Maker) and have a go at creating your very own professional looking video.

3. Create Product Demos & Share Your Expertise

You can create videos/presentations that demonstrate your expertise. Have a client that is particularly interested in one of your products but you can’t get your message across as to how the product works? Simply direct them to your YouTube video to show them in detail.

4. Market Your Products & Services

Television is a popular but expensive method of video advertising – YouTube Is completely free. Many people tend to use adverts during their favourite TV shows as a time to leave the room to make a drink or make a phone call. With YouTube this is not the case, as users of YouTube are generally searching for what they are looking for on the site – and therefore if you appear in the search listings there is a good chance you are what they are looking for! There is also no need to be at home to watch your clip as WIFI, 3G and even 4G are available pretty much anywhere these days so we are always connected in some way!

5. Extend Your Brand

You can make your very own YouTube channel and customise it. You can add your company’s branding, customise the colours to adhere with your company’s look and add any relevant information including links to your website.

6. Engage With A New Network

You can engage with the YouTube community. YouTube is a social platform and is a perfect way to interact with your clients and prospects. It is a social networking site after all so you may as well use the benefits.

7. Keep Your Website Up To Date With Video Content

You can promote your YouTube videos anywhere. Don’t assume that your viewers will automatically come to you. Promote your videos in blogs, web pages and through other social networking sites. By embedding videos into your site, it means that the user does not have to leave your blog or site to view the content.

8. Distribute Your Videos Far & Wide

Let your videos be shared. After all you want to spread the word of your product or service, so allow your viewers to share your videos too!

If you are not part of the YouTube phenomena, take some time out to set up your very own YouTube channel and enjoy the benefits it can bring to you and your business.



Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman

Digital Marketing Manager

The Internet Marketing Academy


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