February 19, 2013

excellenceWith the high volume of content that must be created for your company every day, week, and month, it is easy to focus on the quantity of marketing content that you create. In any given month, you may have the time to create only one really great piece of content. Fortunately, there are seven simple ways to elevate the quality of the rest of your marketing content that do not take much time.

1. Numbers, trends, and other facts

The easiest way to punch up the quality of your marketing content is with specific details, such as statistics, trends, or other facts. The quality increase is only as good as the quality of these details, therefore you should always check any facts you include. If you do not have the time to independently check the facts, include the source of your information with a footnote, hyperlink, or mention in the text. Adding quality details will give added weight to your opinions, raising the overall quality of your marketing content.

2. Infographics and visuals

If you are citing statistics, these can be easily pulled out and turned into an infographic. Other common visuals are process flows, decision trees, and organisational structures, using templates in presentation creation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. If you are referring to software or websites, you can create simple annotated screen shots with the free screen capture tool Jing. This can be repurposed for visually oriented social media such as Pinterest with links back to your original content.

3. Illustrate complex points

Your content can almost always be made clearer and more compelling by including an example. These can be hypothetical examples, such as the classic “Imagine what you would do with an extra £10,000.” Or they could be real examples, drawn from your business and personal life.

4. Use simple language

You never know who will be looking at your content, and what jargon or lingo they will understand. Sure, it’s faster and easier to type “SERP”. However, more people will understand you if you say “search engine results placement” or even “where you rank in the search engine results”.  The easier it is for someone to understand you, the higher the perceived quality of your marketing content.

5. Include sound bites

Sound bites are those pithy comments favoured by magazines and television which condense an entire complex topic into a single memorable message. Find an expert or other quotable luminary, and get a sound bite from them that can be included in your content. You can even repurpose quotes that have been used elsewhere, so long as you reference the original source.

6. Format for readability

Include bullet points and bold subheads that allow people to quickly scan your content to determine the gist of your message. If they’re interested – and they should be or your content has bigger problems – they will go back and read it more carefully.

7. Get a second set of eyes

You are too close to your own content. Have someone else give it a once-over before you publish it, to make sure that the words you thought you typed actually appear in the text, and the logic of your argument flows the way you expected.






Sean McPheat

Managing Director

The Internet Marketing Academy



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