October 30, 2014

Target MarketWe are constantly being told that we need to know who our target audience are. There are numerous online tools which help us to understand the demographic of our target audiences. But once we know who these people are, what then?

1. Find Out About Them

The chances are that in your business, your target audience will be similar to you. Generally to have the bright idea of your own business, you will have seen a pain point and set up your business to remedy it. If you aren’t characteristic of your target audience, or if there is more than one type of person, you need to understand about them.

Look at their personal information such as age, gender, location, marital status. Now think about what you customers all have in common – are you selling a speciality product – are they all musicians, chefs or plumbers? And finally think about other interests that your target audience might have – which is not directly related to your product or service.

Another important piece of information, especially for online marketing is where they hang out online. Are they usually found on Instagram, or more likely to be communicating through LinkedIn? If they are slightly older, do they respond better to an email written personally to them?

2. Your Website

You need to ensure that your website is suitable and appropriate for your target audience. For example, if you are selling predominantly to older people, you might want to make your website easier to navigate and maybe use larger writing. If you are offering a service to professional lawyers, you may want to change your language accordingly.

Think about your writing tone, the appearance and the navigation of your website to ensure that it is appropriate for your target audience.

3. Direct Email

If you think that your target audience would respond well to direct email marketing, give it a go. In a similar way to your website you need to think about your tone of language and appearance of your email. You need to also make sure that you put in a call to action and make it easy to do. You may want to be directing people to your website, getting them to subscribe to something or actually buy something. But whatever it is, make it easy and obvious.

4. Social Media

So you know on which social networks your target audience is hanging out. So first things first, get your business on there. From that, you need to make yourself seen and start trying to engage with them. How to do this very much depends on which social media you are using.

It is almost unforgivable for any business to not have a Facebook account as so many people across the whole spectrum of society use it, and use it regularly. Other than that, you need to be where your target audience are. Release good, interesting and useful content which is either related to your business or at least to their interests, to help engage with them, and do some research on the type of content that works best on that particular social network.

5. Don’t Forget Other Marketing Methods

Just because we are in the age of digital marketing, doesn’t mean that you should forget about offline marketing. If your target audience are big TV or radio fans, advertise there. Try to link online and offline campaigns to have the maximum affect.

Understanding your target audience is just the first step on the marketing ladder, but without the first step you can’t climb any higher. Make sure that you get this information right and the rest will come much easier.

Many thanks!


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Louise Denny

Head of Marketing

The Internet Marketing Academy


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