December 9, 2014

Tablet in handsWe are constantly being told about how important it is to be present on social media all the time. The thing about social media is just that. It is social. So like anything else which is social, presence is really important. We need to show that we are up to date, personable and available when we are needed.

Staying continually present on social media needn`t mean that someone has to be sat behind a computer all day every day, putting out content and waiting for messages to come in to respond to. There are a few things that you can do to make yourself more present and maintain it.

Designate A Social Media Person

Designate someone within your business to be your social media person. Get them to check your messages just three times a day and respond to them straight away. This means that they won`t be sitting waiting for messages to come in, but will be attentive enough for people to feel like they`re not being ignored.

Put Out The Right Content  

Try to put out some sort of content every day. It is much more effective to release content which will provoke discussions and comments than something that won`t. If your content is interesting and provokes discussions, it will be shared, liked, commented on and have a far greater outreach than a simple article that may be read, and then forgotten about. With this kind of content your output will be far more present, productive and effective.

Share Other People’s Content

If you can find people in your industry or who are putting out information which is relevant to your businesses, share their information. It is perfectly acceptable to share other people`s content without having to re-write it yourself.  You are not only saving yourself work, but also supporting other people and starting to build relationships. Almost certainly as soon as you start sharing other people`s content, they will begin to share yours – and this is the beauty of social networks.

React To Events

Although you don`t want to be sitting on social media all day every day, it is important that you react to any relevant events that might be occurring. Such is the way that social media works, you need to be ready at any time to comment on events which are happening there and then.

Run A Contest

One great way to keep your communities engaged is by running a contest. Ask them to make a short video or post photos. The continual update of this material from your community will mean that you need to spend less time writing content, and more time reviewing. You need to ensure that you show your face regularly, but won`t necessarily need to be continually writing new content. Getting your community involved also means that they feel part of something – which will make them happier, feel more engaged, as well as having the potential to reach many more people.

Using social media is a really great way of staying present in the lives of our communities. It is usually the case that we spend a lot more time on social media than we should do. However, it is more probable that this time is being spent check out what our friends are up to, or watching funny videos, than improving your engagement with your customer base. This is why it is important to stay focused and maximise the effect of your output whilst seeming to be present at all times.

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Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman
Digital Marketing Manager
The Internet Marketing Academy

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