January 20, 2015

Conversion rate word cloud shapeThe importance of having a good website is many fold, but the main thing is that it serves the purpose of fulfilling a goal. Usually this goal is a sale, but sometimes it can be something else, such as people joining a mailing list or gaining the information that they need.

A conversion rate is the ratio between the number of visitors to your site and the number of people who buy/sign up. It is, after all, a lot more efficient to have a higher percentage of those who are already visiting your website, sign up than to be continually looking for new visitors. It is not always a simple task, to convert a visitor to a customer, but there are ways to make the probability better and here are 5 of them.

Understand Yourself, Your Product And Your Market

The most important thing that you can concentrate on your website is that it`s clear. Make sure that you are clear in yourself as a business and brand, but also in the navigation and set up of your website. By understanding who you are as well as where you are in the market, you can then put this across to your website visitors. Understand what your USP is and make sure that you show your visitors this.

Be Professional And Trustworthy

People are still scared, or at least wary of conducting any business online, so try to put their mind at rest. This means that if you want people to part with their money or personal details you show that you are trustworthy. The main way to do this is by being honest and professional. Engage with them and show that you are professional, keep your site organised, don`t use inappropriate language, keep your content accurate and well written, try to show that you have procedures for everything and respond quickly to queries.

Keep Your Customers Happy

One great way to grow your business is through word of mouth. The rise in social media and other web platforms means that people are talking more than ever. Make sure that your customers have a really good experience and not only will they not talk badly about your business; they will also tell their friends about how great you are.  Ensure that you respond quickly and accurately to queries, give them expected delivery dates and make sure that they know exactly what they will be receiving for their money. Be polite and professional in any communication and be honest – don`t just tell people what you think that they will want to hear.

Be Memorable

A lot of consumers first research various companies online before buying, so you need to make sure that you stick in their memory for them to come back to you. This doesn`t mean that you have to create an all singing and dancing website, but could be as simple as engaging with people. Once they see the human side to your business, they are much more likely to do business with you, than a faceless, robotic and corporate looking company. Show your personality whilst remaining professional.

Add Value

Ok, so you have already `persuaded` someone to buy a product. Now you can try and add value to this by offering them extras. If they have just bought a pressure cooker from you, why not offer a wooden spoon, other pans or a cutlery set? If they have just bought a bed, how about pillows or bed linen? A bouquet of flowers? How about a card, extra ribbons or some chocolates as well?

Improving your rate of conversion can seem like a complicated task, but really and truly, the simplest idea is to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and think about what you would want to see, for you to buy/sign up. By understanding what is important to them, you can then set about providing this experience and watching your conversion rate rocket.

Many thanks!


Louise Denny Profile Pic

Louise Denny

Head of Marketing

The Internet Marketing Academy


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2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate

  1. Hello Louise,

    I think the last four (4) of your 5 tips can be summarized as “Converting online visitors to Friends” which I consider as one of four keys to online success.

    Your first point ‘Understand yourself, your product and your market” I think is fundamental to ‘converting online visitors to customers’. This understanding will enable the online marketer to create a ‘sales funnel’ that can be tested and tweaked over time to increase conversion rates.

    Can you explain what “USP” means?

  2. Hi Louis!

    Thanks for leaving a comment – much appreciated.

    A “USP” is a ‘Unique Selling Point’ and it is what differentiates your product or service from that of your competitors.


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