January 15, 2015

Smart Watch on a Girl2014 was a year when wearable technologies first really hit the market. Smart watches and Google Glass have really been the front runners in this area, but have been pretty clumsy, bulky and, quite frankly a gadget for geeks. As with all technological advances, however, they are being fine-tuned to become a lot more user friendly, trendy and subtle.

2015 is set to be the year that wearable technology really breaks into the mass market, and this includes, not just smart watches and Google glass, but also smart jewellery and smart clothing. So what do we have to look forward to this year in terms of wearable technology? Here are five of the best…

Smart Bracelets

Health is set to be a big theme in wearable technology this year. Heart rate monitoring, sweat, exercise, calories burned and UV exposure are just some of the factors that we will be able to be measured using a smart wristband. And not only will they be able to tell you about your own health, but they will able to be linked up to doctors computer systems to give your doctor a really good idea of how you are. They will be increasingly trendy and less obvious that you are wearing a piece of technology, looking more like an accessory.

Smart Bra

Expected to be a major hit this year is the Smart bra. This bra will be able to measure health and fitness, and be linked directly to your Smartphone.

Appleā€™s Smart Watch

Apple is set to launch their own smart watch this spring and are expecting it to blast away the other contenders (like always!). They haven`t announced the full capabilities of their newest technology yet, but it will definitely surpass any smart watches which are already available today.

Smart Clothing

We are already seeing smart clothing in its infancy, but this year we are predicting that it will really come into its own. Like many other wearable technology it is still a little clumsy, but this really is diminishing. We have already seen dresses which change colour according to mood, or which senses moisture in the air before it starts to rain, the use of LEDs and fibre optics, but this is set to become much more streamline and less obvious this year.

Smart Jewellery

We have already seen the beginnings of smart jewellery, but this is expected to take a massive leap this year in terms of both functionality and style. After all, something could be extremely useful, but if it`s not in the least stylish, there are many people who won`t wear it. Smart rings are one good example of this. Increasingly they are becoming more trendy and less bulky and geeky. Your smart ring can be used to control your smart phone, and get important updates straight to, erm your fingertips.

Smart hair slides are being developed to give people a really accurate measure of the amount of harmful UV rays they are receiving.

The rise of wearable technology is set to be a big factor in the technological word this year, becoming far more mainstream and accessible to the general public. The main focus this year will be on health and giving us much more information about the performance of our own bodies and this can only be a good thing.

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Jenny Verman

Jenny Verman
Digital Marketing Manager
The Internet Marketing Academy


(Image courtesy of dollarphotoclub)

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